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"Converting VM1 to WAVE”

Can someone kindly email me this file VS2_VM1_Player.exe . I am trying to convert these VM1 files from my Panasonic and i cannot find anywhere on the web to get it.

Many Thanks,
Ivan reply



Please, who could help me?
I bought a Panasonic Voice Editing RR-US360. I transfer everything to the computer, but I can’t hear anything cause the file is PVC.file. What is necessary to be able to hear the files? If you know how, please, tell me. Thank you so much. reply


Good grief, maybe this granny’s brain won’t be able to understand what you’re saying here, BUT I recently bought a Panasonic IC Recorder (RR-US361/360), just for voice recording. It’s great--except I can’t get even its Voice Editing PRO software to burn to CD the edited files. VM1 files don’t seem to be compatible with anything! Or am I brain-damaged?
Thanks. Arlene reply


Dear all,
I phoned the Panasonic people here in Belgium. They gave me the following website:

There one can find updates for Voice Editor which seems to have originally been sold together with the RR-XR320 model. They give the message that from now on the RR-US360/RR-US006 will be sold with Voice Editor and no longer with Voice Studio (apparently because the commercial link to Dragon Naturally Speaking has fallen away).

For those of us who bought these recorders before March 2005 they do not seem to give us access to the first installation version of Voice Editor which leaves us in the cold. It looks like the support will continue for Voice Editor but not for Voice Studio because there are already updates downloadable for Voice Editor.

I would suggest that anybody who has the Voice Studio installation disk immediately makes a backup Cd of it because you won’t be able to find it anymore on the market if ever your hard disk craches and something happens to your original CD.

Before ever changing anything to either Voice Studio or Voice editor (reinstalling it, updating it, etc), it is vital to make a backup of your audio files.

Remember however one very very important thing:

Do not !!!!ever ever!!!! change anything in the SD_Voice directory on your C-drive with Microsoft programmes (no copy paste, no moving, no nothing). You must do all copying of files inside Voice Studio, including backups. So moving audio files from one folder to the next , creating folders and renaming them, changing the names of your audio files etc must always been done in Voice Studio. This is vital!!!!

Copying the c:\SD_voice directory to CD or backup device does not work either. I will explain in the next forum how to make the backup. It is described in the 'Voice Studio Operating instructions' on p45. But I found that there are snakes under the ground. reply



Hi Arlene,

You are not brain-dead. The vm1 files are sort of a proprietary format. You need a copy of Panasonic Voice Editor to play them and then convert the vm1 files to a .wav file which can be listened to on just about any pc.

If you do not have a copy of Voice Editor, register and reply on my forum and maybe I can point you in the right direction. I have an extensive article on the SV-AV20 which uses the same format. reply


Guess you need the link as well.

http://www.rexpage.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=312&PN=1&TPN=1 reply


My problem was that I could not hear my files because it was in PVC. Now I know how to convert PVC to wave. It’s too easy. Now I have to transfer wave to MP3 cause wave is large, too big. To convert wave to MP3 I need a program that I still don’t have. if you need solution how to convert PVC to wave, you can send me a e-mail with the tittle Editing Voice on the matter and I will explain it to you. reply



One of the easiest (and free open source) ways to convert to MP3 is to use Audacity. You can find it here:


You will also need the L.A.M.E. encoder to convert to mp3 as well. The download link is on that website as well. reply


this is a reply for Yvan (and to all about the VM1 files)

!!!!!Never never touch the VM1 files!!!!!

The use of VS2_VM1_Player.exe will not work on VM1 files. To treat VM1 files you need the full panasonic programme Voice Studio or Voice Editor. Within those programmes it is very easy to convert VM1 files to WAV files.

You should never touch VM1 files. You will loose the use of them, and thus their content, if you take them out of their setting on your hard drive. This is because they are always stored in indexed directories, and you need the index information to be able to access the VM1 files. If you move one VM1 file out of its directory, the whole indexing structure is corrupted and you loose the ability to listen to all your VM1 files. So never touch VM1 files with a Microsoft product.

IF you desperately want to make backups of the vm1 files, you either do it inside a full backup of your c-drive, or you use the virtual drive system as described inside Voice Studio/Editor. So again you must stay inside the Voice Studio/Editor environment.

So never never touch the VM1 files on your C-drive in the SD_VOICE directory. You must always pass through using Voice STudio or Voice Editing, which came with your panasonic recorder to deal with the VM1 files.

If you want to make your audio-files more accessable so that you can send them to other people or store them easily, you either convert them in Voice Studio/editor to a *.PVC file (where you will need VS2_VM1_Player.exe to listen to them afterwards) or you convert them in Voice Studio/editor to a *.WAV file (which everybody can listen to).

Rita reply


With respect to the voluminous WAV-files. Converting the WAV files to MP3 has been extensively described by Rex Moncrief (see in this forum on page 3) reply


if one wants to convert WAV to MP3 using the audacity web (see rex’s comment 3 up), one will notice that the lame connection does not work (mitiok.free.fr does no longer work).

http://mitiok.ma.cx does work. I choose the V.Hermann link to download lame.zip reply


I’ve been sent the VS2-VM1 player along with the audio file from a friend. While I am able to download the player, I cannot run it. Any suggestions? Help? Thanks, Janet reply


UPDATE on MP3 Conversion

I added a screen shot on setting up the LAME mp3 encoder in Audacity plus I put a download link to it directly from my webserver.


*Note: PayPal donations are accepted for any help that my site provides. Bandwidth and time ain’t free. ;) reply


I also need voice studio. If anyone has it please email me. If possile zip the file first.

Thanks reply


I’m replying to the message on the voice editor to convert VM1 files to wav or mp3 I was told you would point me in the right direction thanks pvnvo reply


can i get a copy of that reply


Can you send me VS2_Mini_Player.exe too. My e-mail is gpfeifer@wp.pl reply


first, thanx go to everybody, who tried to explain and solve this problem!


If you cannot play Panasonic voice files,
download the full version of VOICE EDITOR 3
from the link on:


Luck! reply


I have no problem hearing them using media player. I went to google ran a search on .vm1 It gave me a link to a plug-ins site. I installed it. and am now listening to them off of my hard drive.


once I copied them off of my AV50. I had no problem. reply


Like many have already mentioned, I simply convert the vm1 files to WAV as i’m transferring them from the recorder to the computer with Voice Studio.

There are plenty of WAV->MP3 converter programs out there (Musicmatch Jukebox has a converter function that’s very easy to use). If none of the sound players you have has such an option, just go to www.tucows.com for plenty of freeware/shareware converter programs.

Question.......why are there some people out there who DON’T have Voice Studio? the software comes with the RRUS-360 (and by the way, I LOVE my RRUS-360:) from the transferring to converting, I find it all incredibly easy and convenient to use)

For those who have different digital recorders, I can certainly understand what would be annoying about having software that DOESN’T convert the original pvc/vm1/whatever files into WAV........it seems like such an _obvious_ 'necessity'. reply


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