Pinnacle Studio and *.BUP, *.IFO, and *.VOB files.

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I have Pinnacle Studio 9. I used a Sony HandyCam to make a DVD for a project for school. The files types that are on the mini-DVD are *.BUP, *.IFO, and *.VOB.
Pinnacle Studio will not read these. What I ultimately need to do is edit this and insert it with the other files (pics, music, etc.).
Is there any way that I can do this with Pinnacle?
Thanks! reply

I have the same problem. I have a sony handy cam and all of the movies are in BUP, IFO and VOB files and I need them to be in MPG format. Is there any way I can do that?? reply


I FINALLY figured it out. Do you have Pinnacle? I am having some problems with the audio being out of sync, but I just started working on this part of it, so will look into that further. reply


Create a folder n put all the Bup,Ifo,Vob n name them 2 VIDEO_TS. Burn it with Nero under make a DVD or Mini DVD compilation depend on the size of the files. reply

we’re wanting to learn how to burn VOB files and create them using pinnacle.. we can’t quitwe figure out how to do that is there anyway that we can so that it is a good file format for DVD ? reply


How. Too many questions about VOB files...

Learn about from:

Decoders from:

By the way, have you tried replacing the .vob to .mpeg extension?


Hi guys
Just rename the file extention from .vob to .mpg. It actually works! reply


Just rename vob to mpeg files reply


I am having the same issue. I tried right-click rename to .mpeg and when I attempt to open in Pinnacle it says it doesn’t support .vob still.

Am I renaming incorrectly?

Thanks for any help! reply


You guys are awesome reply


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