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Alright, I download alot of anime off the net, usually with BT. I’ve noticed alot of subbing groups are switching to OGM files because of the fact you can put 2+ languages and 2+ sets of subtitles in the file. I’ve always been hardcorve divx/xvid AVI watcher, and when I started having to get OGMs, it took me FOREVER to find a simple codec for me to find. I found it eventually, cant remember where.

My question is this: why is this codec such a pain to attain? I mean, to find at least. I’ve seen the lazy man’s guide, but other than that, it was a complete pain to get working. I can find no site that is somewhat dedicated to explaining what/how an OGM works. Everything I see is about OGG, and that doesn’t help much when you’re dealing with an OGM.

Basically what I’m asking, is since alot of videos are switching to OGM, why is it so hard to find a simple codec/filter to play them? A normal google search finds all, but when I tried finding something about OGMs, I just about died.

If someone would post some handy links to general websites/pages about OGMs, I’d be obliged. reply

To ShockWave

Could you please tell me EXACTLY what codec did you find and where I can find it? I have the exact same problem, I downloaded dozens of Inuyasha episodes using BitLord and I can’t play them with my BS Player. Could you also tell me what player are you using? I mean, does it make a difference? It also took me like weeks to search for codecs and none of them offer a real solution (some barely play the movies, with a lot of freezing, some play it but the video and the sound aren’t coordinated, and the last ones I used just play the eoisodes in Japanese, without allowing me to change the language or to view subtitles). I know having a lot of codecs isn’t good either, especially if installed from a codec pack because many of them can be useless and just make the movie freeze a lot. That’s why I currently have only ffdshow and xvid. Please help me.

P.S. .OGM stands for Ogg Media file reply


i downloaded vobsub_2.23 and oggds0995 and installed both, now i have no problem playing them in wmp. reply


Here are some links about OGM:
http://forum.snarf-it.org/index.php?showtopic=27670 reply


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