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Greetings fellow sufferers,
I am unable to play .nrg files.
Can anybody explain how I can convert these to another format so that they will play in Windows Media Player?
Galileo reply

.NRG file Nero image file, plays in nero media player burn with nero or mount in Daemon tools. Depending on what the image file actually is you can launch the image within Daemon Tools virtual drive with Win M player if not use software DVD player such as Powerdvd. reply


If you burn the .nrg file with Nero, will the dvd be able to play in a dvd player? reply


I have burned a .nrg file onto a DVD using the UDF format and when loaded into a DVD player the TV screen comes up with a folder icon and the word ROOT.
There is no file to play. Wher am i going wrong? reply


Why don’t you try Daemon Tools as the advice from other guys said.DAEMON Tools supports the following image files:
ccd (CloneCD)
bwt (Blindwrite)
mds (Media Descriptor File)
cdi (Discjuggler)
nrg (Nero)
pdi (Instant CD/DVD)
b5t (BlindWrite 5) Here is a link to download it:http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/portal.php Open the nrg file with DT and start from there.If the size of the file is 700 MB or less you can burn it on cd if is bigger is no reason to waste a dvd-R to find out is not working. reply


load them into deamon tools and then use a dvd riper to make the file whatever ya want the you can burn with your fav prog. reply


hey i have nrg files in my windows xp and i can’t open it please if anyone knows how to open these files please tell me and how to convert it to another program
thanks reply


Free Solution for .NRG files without Nero
Convert .NRG to .ISO

nrg2iso (freeware) - http://www.roland-illig.de/lang.delphi.nrg2iso.html
(it works from the folder, no installation needed)

1. download & extract the two files as mentioned on the website.

2. copy/move the files from the vcl30 folder to the nrg2iso folder.

3. open nrg2iso.exe, simple interface can’t go wrong.
Using, exploring or run the ISO from the hard drive.

Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel( freeware)

1. Download & Run the app it will extract it self to a folder of your choice.

2. In the extracted folder (i.e. C:\virtual CD-ROM) open VCdControlTool.exe > click Driver control > Install driver > locate VCdRom.sys (in same folder as VCdControlTool.exe) > Start > OK > back at the main control panel click Add Drive > mount > locate the ISO file.

3. Go to My Computer and you’ll notice an extra CD drive and you can explore and run the image (ISO) like a normal CD

Turn the ISO in to a fully working cd/dvd

InfraRecorder(open-source) - http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/
Alternatives: ISO Recorder v2, CDBurnerXP Pro

launch InfraRecorder > Actions > Burn Image... > locate the .ISO file > pick the cd/dvd burner and the default setting adequate for most jobs.

Hope it works.
Sir Prancelot reply

ok to the ppl above: nrg is a CD IMAGE file, not a video file.
Like some people said if you have Nero you can burn it - but when opening it with Nero, open the nrg file - DO NOT BURN A DATA CD WITH THE NRG FILE ON IT! Depending on what your standalone DVD player supports what you burn may or may not play in it. Finally you can also mount it as a virtual cd rom with tools that support the nrg format. reply


you can use this software “VLC media player”

VLC media player 0.8.6c
It is a free cross-platform media player
It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs
It can also be used as a streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, ...)
download it from this site
http://www.videolan.org reply


I can only think of using NERO 6(or maybe other nero version) and burn the nrg file to a CD or DVD. I think one way to tell whether the file nrg is from CD or DVD is to click on the nrg file to see its capacity. If the capacity is less than say 600 or 700Mbytes than probably is a CD or a VCD. If more than say 700Mbytes than probably is a DVD. Better to use a rewritable CD or DVD in can of a failed burning.
That is the only way I can think of. reply


Hi, Galileo, I forget to mention.

After that, copy the file from this CD or DVD to your computer if you want to play from your computer or you can already play direct from the DVD just burned.

This is a long winded way, but this is the only way I can think off.
Sin reply


I Downloaded A Pc Game From The Internet But It Is .NRG So If I Burn It On To A Disk Will It Play On My Computer Or Is There Another Way To Play It ? reply


I downloaded a .NRG files too.If I install Daemon Tools ,I could install the .nrg files,right? reply


i have vlc media player will it play the nrf files coz i am downloading one now. reply


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I have a prob with this nrg file i have. i burned files to a dvd with nero so i can do a system restore on my computer because there was to many files to put on a regular cd-r. so i did the restore and put the dvd in to extract the files back on my computer but i cant because its a .nrg file. I converted it to a .daa file and tried to open it with poweriso and it just create another .daa file without opening it so is there any answers on how to do it reply


try converting the .daa file to an .rar file and use WinRAR program to extract the files... really easy... reply


Here is the easiest way to play *.nrg files !

1- Download VLC Media Player (www.download.com)

2- Install it

3- Right click on your file \ play with \ VLC media player

It will play like a DVD, with the menu & everything !!

Cheers reply


I wanna add an extra tip to H20.
If you use VLC player, sometimes there is no sound for .nrg file.
To fix it go to menu: Audio/Audio Track and pick Track2, or Track3, or Track4. Try until you get your sound on. reply


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