Nero VCD Burning Trouble

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I want to burn a VCD of Chronicles of Riddick to play in my dvd player and/or xbox dvd player...

-I have 3 mpeg files of the movie to burn on 2 cd-r’s (I always burn on a lower speed like x20 in my cd drive...should I go lower?)

- When I start the burning proccess in Nero (Nero Express) it does fine, but at the end of the burning it says somthing like (!)“sectors 5630-5789 of cd are not the same” and it keeps saying that but with different sector numbers.

-At the end of the burn it says “burning proccess failed” and it doesn’t work in my dvd player

-I need somone to help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.

PS. I use imation 700mb cd-r’s (If that helps with anything..ha)

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Are you using windows xp,because that version of nero has compatabilty issues with xp. Nah your burning speed is low enough and its not the maker of your cd-r that is causing the problems. I would have to point the problem to the three mpegs. How did you convert them and did you convert them correctly? reply


One1..if you are using window xp with service pack 2, then there can be some slight problem with nero as microsoft tend to update their software security fix every now and then and here is where nero follow suits..that is by updating their software as well. Check nero website once a while to see if they have any latest update avaliable for just the type of nero software that you are using. reply


Yeah Im using xp PKG 2 that might be the problem... But I just burned half of the movie and it completed the burn with no errors at all. But,when I put in my dvd player it wouldnt recognize it and it said “no disk”...I ll try to update nero. (I have dial up so hahaha itll take forever.)

Oh yeah and I know it isn’t the 3 files because I watch them on Windows Media Player all the time. reply


You can use a download accelerator whrer you can pause it and continue the following day or any other day. One that is free and fast is fresh devices. Here is the link and some of the fact.

Fresh Download: Free download manager, no ads, no spyware, plus advanced
features:multiple connections (split), resume broken downloads, and schedule ... PS: you need to register before you can use it. reply


Dont get the kazaa download buddy, because it will slow it down even more with the adware and spyware that comes with it. Aint tried the one topsyturvy said, as i got cable so them days are long gone. But i really dont think thats going to help, but it might. reply


One1..I hope you don’t mind me asking...why still using dial-up? It cost a lots of money using dial-up as it charges you by the minute. Don’t you have any cable or dsl connection in that area where you live? reply


Yeah dial-up pisses me off... Ill be getting sbc yahoo dsl. I have a question about sbc yahoo dsl...I know its 14.95 a month for the first 12 months when ordered online. But after a year how much does the price increase? reply

Feedback depend on the ISP like Yahoo for instance what kind of speed they are offering. You can check out what other ISP dsl cost per month. reply


Wow, where do yall live to get charged by the min. I had aol and it was $20 for unlimited time. And dial-up is still the cheapest way to go. My 300meg costs me $55 a month. So i would say dial-up is way cheaper.

I heard yahoo dsl was slow, and it stayed down more than it stayed running. But havent tryed it, so i dont know. reply


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check out this site and download CDBurner XP Pro is definitely compatible with windows XP service pack 2... reply


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