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Is there any avi to mpv converters out there i got a mp4 player and this is the only video file it will play reply

Has nobody heard of this file type mpv ???? reply


Has anyone found a converter for this format yet?

AVI To MPV reply


Are you having problems getting a converter as well brightspark? Im at my wits end trying to get video on this thing someone please help us. reply


http://www.eaplay.com/australia/promotions/mostwanted/?entry_id=39639 reply


alkaline dont want to enter competitions just want a M.P.V CONVERTER so i can watch my films on my little player. Help me someone please. reply


Markandrewjackson, I may have some luck with this peticular format, but won’t know until tomorrow night. Will let you know how I get On.

Tony reply

You can use one of the following programs to convert your AVI to MPV (or M2V):

TMPGEnc (freeware) - http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_main.html

TMPGEnc Plus - http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tp.html

Cinema Craft Encoder -
http://www.cinemacraft.com/eng/download.html#sp reply


Thanx QBall, I’ve been trying with CCE it does it but with no audio? any info would be very much appreciated.

Tony reply

CCE - Audio Settings

With CCE, you need to make sure that the “Audio file” box is checked (located under “Output files”). CCE Will then output your audio as a .MPA file. You would then have to author the .MPV (video) and .MPA (audio) files in DVD-Lab Pro -OR- TMPGEnc DVD Author.

You can access the Audio Settings by clicking on the “Audio” button in the “Advanced” section. Then make sure that the Audio Settings are as followed:

Bitrate: 224 kbits/s
Mode: Joint Stereo
Sampling Frequency: 48,000Hz
Enable CRC: Checked
Click OK reply


Once again QBall, thanx for your reply to my email.I think I should call it a day with this MP4 player its to much grief.I have downloaded the .mpv file fro CCE onto the player, not only is there no sound.......there is no picture either, its all fuzzy.

Tony reply

Thats good work guys only problem is i dont have a mpv extention on it so the player wont read it. reply


The output file i mean reply


Not a problem, brightspark. :)

Hmm...it seems like your MP4 player’s a bit temperamental. I’ve never been big on small, portable media players myself. reply


Hi. I bought an iBall mp4 player and i cant convert avi or mpeg files to mpv files. Can somebody help me or send me the conversion software? reply


Hi guys, I’m helping someone out with this problem so I thought I would help you guys to.
This is the program you need to convert your files to the MPV format.

Let me just clear something up for those here who seem to have little understanding of what an MPV is.

An MPV is called a MusicPhotoVideo file. This is a new standard brought forward by OSTA for digital devices such as MP4 players. It is a container format not an actual format itself.

The MPV that some above are refering to is infact an MPEG2 video only file or MPV which is something different altogether.

You should have a tool on your software disk called 'MPVtool' but if not you can use the program below to convert your MPEG 1/2, MPEG4, WMA file e.t.c to the MPV format, but be aware it can be a bit hit and miss which file will work.
The best format I have found to convert is MPEG AVI to MPV.

It’s all trial an error guys so get converting and post back here with you results.

By the way this software gives the files a .GMV extension just change this to .MPV

http://www.videomp3player.com/LP.download.file.GMVtools.ver2.02.rar reply


This converter is for the iball and has very small screen resolution all i can gat is a small pic that i cant make out and no sound.

Good try though cheers and thanx 4 the effort reply


Mate, the software is the same. Both MP4 players use the same firmware and are essentially the same internally regardless of screen size.
The Iball used to use the software called MPVtools which is what you need for your player, however they updated the interface and called it GMV make. The Iball plays MPV and it gives it’s files a .GMV extension. As far as I can deduce the files it makes are the same as your player uses as I have made a comparision and I know for a fact the audio format both use are MPEG1 layer 1 in it’s MPV files.
It’s not easy finding out what is actually inside these MPV files.

We have also had some success with the tool below:
http://ftp.zsctc.com/755/V223/dmvII_15.exe reply


Hi ashy, thanx for the very much appreciated info. But I’m also experiencing the same problem, it converts avi/mpeg files but very small picture and disturted sound. Any help to rectify this problem would be very much appreciated.#

regards Tony :-) reply

Try the other tool above it seems to be a bit more compatible.
I know for a fact it creates MPV files with MP3 audio and then muxes them together and gives it a .DMV extension.

Have any of you tried MTVtool or AMVtool for your players.
Most of these chinese MP4 players seem to be based on the same firware with minor modifications and the software they use to create their propriertry format also seems to be similar.

AMV tool also comes with a player which actually lets you play these files on a windows OS. reply


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