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Dunno if the spelling is correct but where can i download it from? reply


Matroska is a container format. You usually just need filters or a media player that can play back content from inside the container.

You can try playing it back using Media Player Classic as a starting point.

Other media players do support Matroska playback, internally also, but MPC is easy to set up. reply


You have to understand that matroska can not be compared to other well known audio and video containers, like for example Ogg, MP4, RMVB ( Realmedia ) and ASF/WMV. Those containers are made for only one purpose, that is to contain a limited number of video and audio streams, focussing on distributing video material. If this is your goal, you are normally not interested to use a general use container and to create compatibility problems for the players supporting these formats.

matroska is more like Microsoft’s AVI, which it is aiming to replace, and Quicktime’s MOV, to which it wants to be a free and x-platform alternative. All these containers are so called 'everything and the kitchen sink' formats, means they can hold an unlimited number of different audio and video compression formats. AVI, however, can hardly cope with the requirements for very modern codecs, for example it will fail for VBR ( Variable Bitrate ) audio codecs, VFR ( Variable Framerate ) video codecs, and VSR ( Variable Sample rate ) audio like Vorbis.

So, if you cant play your matroska file even after installing the matroska full pack, its obvious your files are containing an audio or video compression format you dont have the right codec for.

First of all, we will try to find out what codecs these are, for the files you have. To do that, you have 2 different possibilities :

1. In the installer setup configuration window for the matroska full pack 1.0.2, tick the box for the activateion of the matroska shell extension, called 'matroskaprop' . Install the pack again ( no need to deinstall before ), and select the right language for the shell extension if you are asked. Then restart your computer.

2. Get The Core Media Player ( TCMP ) from and install it. It comes with the matroska CDL, which is basically the same as the matroska shell extension, but is operated from the player and not from Windows Explorer.

Next step, lets find out how many audio and video streams your MKV files have, and what codecs are used for them. After installing the shell extension and restarting the computer, it should display the number of tracks in the file already if you simply move the cursor over our file. Alternatively, you can now right click on the file and goto 'file properties'.

A dialogue window will show you

a. how many tracks there are in your file
b. if they are audio, video or subs
c. what 'codec ID' is being used. These usually start with 'V_xxx' , 'A_xxx' or 'S_xxx' and will give us the information we need.

I honestly expect the files which dont play will show a codec ID of 'V_Real/rv40' , which means they contain Real Networks splendid Realvideo video compression format, commonly known as RV 9 / RV 10 .

To be able to play these files, you need Realplayer being installed on your system, so that the DLLs for RV9 decoding are present on your system. Dont play the MKV with Realplayer, it has no clue what this is, just make sure it is installed.

Good players to play MKVs are usually TCMP, MPC, Zoomplayer or Bsplayer. Dont use WMP, especially not WMP7/8/9 ... these players suck, M$ didnt even support their own media framework ( DirectShow ) in them properly.

If you are still having problems with playing MKV files, email me to chris AT or, better even, send an email to matroska-users AT Of course, you are also most welcome on #matroska, for a nice chat :) !

matroska project admin reply

thank you thank you thank you soooooooo much helped me where noone could.thank you,i felt like kicking at it with this file for a couple hours.thanks again. reply



Thanks, from me as well! This is the best information I have received on the topic and I am on my way to! reply


Glad if i could help.

matroska project admin reply

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