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lol primetime, you can download hardware these days? so when ya d/l finished a ps2 popped out of the cable modem? lol j/k

ok u wanna convert the mds into a bin using win iso or something.

Get an emulator that plays ps2 games on ya pc & mount ya newly created iso(s) in something like daemon tools then use ya emulator to open the mounted image which will now be on a virtual drive in daemon like drive g: for example.

you understand that? :) reply


I’m having a problem with Worms Armageddon. I burned the .mdf file onto a disc, and when I load it, it goes to the install screen; Then, I get this windows 16 bit subsystem error, C:\Windows\System32\AutoExec.NT - The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS & Windows applications.

I figured it was because I’m running XP Professional, but I tried running the program in Windows 98 mode, and still the same error.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanx in advance reply


i download some ps2 games and i received the mds mdf files for the ps2 games. I want to know how to make these files to run with my ps2 system. Should i just go ahead and burn them on a dvd then pop it in the ps2 system or what?? reply


You can also simply unpack the mdf file with Isobuster. ;) reply


Does anyone know how to make the ps2 games from suprnova to run using ps2 system?? I had trouble loading up any game from my ps2 system from the website. Do u need any kind of special files after u extract the files and burn it onto a cd or dvd?? Are those files for ps2 from suprnova only work if u have some kind of emulator?? Lets me know. Thank you reply


Can somebody run through the exact steps clearly, like a manual on how to open the file and the .bin files' too.

For example if we’re using ISO Buster, tell us, if we have to go under the Tools column or something like that to get the file to open. Cause it’s really hard to understand, when the threads are all over the place, if somebody can group it altogether and give their own introduction with conclusion that would be helpful.

:):):):) Please!!! reply


i have the same problem with sims2 game, I copied sims2_1.mds[7KB] image on cd and installed 23% of the game after what he asks me dics2. i insert the sims_2.mds[1KB] image cd and it doesn’t work it keeps asking me the second cd. before that i havent done any other instalation ?:(


Anyone know how to make the ps2 games to work in the system from suprnova website after u burn the image files on the dvd reply


hey i heard someone said they found a mds that was only 1.54ish mb or somthing. do you know how to make a full size mds (500 - 800mb) into a small file and get it to still run? (i own the game and i can instal from the cd but i don’t want to have a huge file just to run the game) reply


Hi All,

Very easy question for you, what does 'mounting' mean? Everyone’s talking about mounting files to be able to use them.. but what does that mean?

Cheers! reply


mounting means getting a virtual image (a image made with alcohol 120% or clonecd or somthing like that) and then “mounting” it onto a virtual drive. its like having a virtual cd and putting it onto a virtual drive....which is pretty self explanitory. you would use somthing like alcohol 120% itself or daemon toolz to mount or load the virtual cd into the virtual drive.
hopefully you can understand now lol reply


Softdisc reply


I have downloaded a game that comes with a 725mb mdf file and 1mb mds file.

What programmes do i need and in what order do i use them. This thread is quite confusing just need a list and an order to do it in. Thanks. reply


ok you need to download daemon tools
google daemon tools and ull find the site
download the program
itll set up a virtual drive
then you righclick on the icon in ur task bar
load up a image onto the drive

if you want to make mdf\mds files from cds you already own then you might wanna get alcohol 120%
its 50 bux....but its a awsome program

note that u shouldn’t be downloading mdf\mds files lol.......but w\e your choice

anyways yea so if that dosnt help you should take a look at (google for cd club freaks) awsome site about cd protection alcohol mdf\mds files EVERYTHING u need to know :) hopefully that helps reply


Hey guys, I just read the whole thread and there are mixed facts there. So I have two questions:

1. Can an .mdf file be burned onto a CD and work?
2. What if that .mdf file is 780MB and the blank CD only fits 700?

Any help would be appreciated, as I am a nub... reply


.mdf format is created by a software called “Alcohol”. You will find a 30 days free version of it on CNET downloads. It is used to create backup game CDs reply


yo, i read all frickin 10, or however many there were, pages on what to do about my mdf file. i downloaded a game, capitalism 2, anyone ever played it, and couldnt figure out how to get it to work. but, all of you helped, so thanks, instead of a how to question this is simply a compliment. You are fine people, and i appreciate the free flow of info. reply


i got a mdf file of call of duty and i don’t know wat program to use for it to work can someone help me reply


To make you CoD work, download Daemon tools, install it. Unzip the .mdf file. Open your Daemon tools, right click on the icon in your trey (bottom right of your screen), click on the Virtual CD/DVD-Rom, then click on Device 0, then “mount image” and finally double click the .mdf file. Daemon tools will open it as a CD. reply


hi everybody!

i read all 10 pages of this thread but I still can’t open my mdf file. the game is Sid Meier’s Pirates. It was downloaded as 2 folders, one is CD1 and the other is CD2. in each folder there are 2 files. in CD1 the files are pirates1.mdf and pirates1.mds and in CD2 there are pirates2.mdf and pirates2.mds. i burned the mds file to a CD, the burn process was completed, but when i opened the CD in windows explorer it appeared to be blank. when i mount the files with daemon tools i get an error message saying 'unable to mount image. invalid image file'

then i extracted the mdf file with isobuster into a .iso file an mounted it with daemon tools. but nothing happened,when i try to open it in explorer i get the error message saying 'windows cannot read from this disk. the disk may be corrupted , or it could be using a format that is incompatible with windows.'

please help, 'cause i don’t know what to do anymore...

thanks in advance


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