joining several (about 30) .bin and .cue files

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I have a movie which came in two folders. In the first folder there was about 30 rar files containing bin and cue files (all with the same name) which i extracted and changed each sucseive name to a,b,c etc. at then end to keep the order. I now need to join? them together so that i can write them to a dvd or even just so i can play the movie. I tried writing just one set of bin and cue files to a cd as a test but this wouldn’t play on my computer or dvd player.
I have spent a while searching around but not found anything about having more than two files.

Any help, suggestions, advice on programs, etc. would be greatfully received!

Thank you all

Mike Dowson :-) reply

What did you use to extract.
A set of Rar files originate from 1 single file divided and compressed.
To re-assemble, install Winrar dbl click 1st file and save. In your case you will end up with a Bin and a Cue which you either mount or burn as image. reply


You’re not supposed to rename the files! The reason why they look like they have the same filename is because you didn’t enable file extensions. Go to any folder, click tools, folder options, then click the folders tab and uncheck the box “hide file extensions for known file types”.
As for extracting your files use winrar (as kemo suggested) or winace. reply


Thanks thats worked fine!!

As the saying goes, you learn something new everyday!!!


Mike reply


can anyone tell me when you extract the files do you extract to same folder and should it make one large bin file and one large cue file reply


Lets say, for instance.

I have the movies White Noise in two cd’s.
1 & 2. Both have rars. how do I join both
cd 1 and cd 2 together to make one movie file to
burn ont a DVD-r?

thanks reply


How to Join 2 BIN files into one large one.
I have a movie with 2 CDs and each has a .bin and .cue file. I need to combine them together where I can only burn one disc. I have a DVD0RW and media. DID NOT FIND a single post anywhere on HOW TO JOIN BIN files!!!

Thanks reply


A bin/cue file is an image of a complete disk.
All the data are in the bin part. The cue sheet isnt absolutely nessecary to rebuild a new image. However, whitout it you cant mount the image in your virtual cdrom drive.

You can rebuild bin/cues with WinISO or ISObuster.

The precize method should be explained in the helpfiles of those programs.

I dont know if its a data disk or a dvd you want to join. There are easier ways to put 2 dvds on 1 dvd and i am not shure if 2 game images will still work when put on 1 cd.

If its a movie image id mount it whith my virtual drive, copy it to harddisk with dvd shrink and then use nero (recode i think) to rebuild a new dvd. Keep in mind the size of the result please...

Any other suggestions? reply


I have two large bin file and 2 small cue files. Its a software files. Kindly let me know how to combine these files. I was trying with Nero but did not work out. Kindly let me know.

Thanks reply


just mount the bin/cue files using something like daemon tools, copy the files you want to join - mpeg, etc - onto your hard disk, then join using AVIMUXGui or something similar reply


How to join several rar files and through which software.

Please Suggest. reply


I have several bin and cue files for a game ISO. It was divided into five parts and compressed separately. I need a way to combine them all so that I can play the ISO on my computer. Can anyone help? reply


Hi, i downloaded the game prince of persia sands of time. when the folder was checked i received 2 .bin files (dev-pop1.bin & dev-pop2.bin) and a .exe file. Later i created .cue files out of the 2 .bin files by simply creating a text file and saving the below and saved it with a .cue extension inorder to mount it using daemon tools.
FILE “dev-pop1.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
the same was done with the 2nd .bin file with just a chnage in the file name.
but when the first was mounted half way between they asked for me to insert the next cd which contained the file. But when trying to search for it i am unable to mount the 2nd file.
Please help. reply


Try Bawanak? reply


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i have downloaded pop sands of time
but dev-pop2.bin file is missing


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