I want to play an .iso file from my hard drive... HOW?

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Please someone help, I downloaded a dvd .iso file and I don’t have a dvd burner, is there any way I can play the .iso file straight from my hard drive? reply

yes there is.
you’ll need a demon tool like alcohol 120%.
you can create a virtual dvd player/burner etc in which you can mount the iso file.
an iso file is an image of the dvd. with the right software (alcohol) your computer thinks its a real hardware dvd and you can play, install, copy, browse etc.

there are other demon tools. search in the other topics. reply

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http://www.moviecodec.com/topics/5042p1.html reply

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use VLC Media Player

no need for anything else reply

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Microzoft makes a simple file you can download to mount a ISO file to a virtual drive and then any DVD player software (Power DVD or WinDVD for example) will play the file. reply


download dvdshrink 3.1 man
dont get the new one
“easy dvd shrink”
it wont work ... its the new “legal” version
it sucks ass personnally

make sure you get the “DVD Shrink 3.1”
its free
unlike the shitty easy dvd shrink which is shit for like 30 bucks reply


Virtual CloneDrive free download www.slysoft.com reply


I have Daemon Tools and the .ISO image mounted on it, I am able to play this video file through the latest verision of Windows Media Player, but there is no audio. Others have reported the same files works great (they can hear both audio and see video) what am I doing wrong? reply


turn ur speakers on. reply


Hahaha lol reply


DVD shrink 3.1 and Daemon Tools are incompatible. I just uninstalled Daemon Tools for this reason, it won’t play the ISO’s created by DVD Shrink.

I’m going to try the stuff at slysoft (thanks whoever posted that) and I’ll report the results if I don’t see anything about it here.

Would Vista be getting in the way of any of this? reply


thanks. dvdshrink 3.1 worked for me. reply


i tried dvdshrink 3.1 and it said someting about udf error.. reply


it said error invalid udf file system what ever the fugg that means. reply


Well I was reading the posted solutions to your problem and based in my own experience the best one to play an ISO file from your HD is: VLC Media Player.

you can get a Free Download from:

and enjoy your movie or game without any hassle.

Good Luck.
Note:Please post back to let know other people who have such a problem like yours.! reply


1. Load ISO files onto demon, virtual dvd player, and play it as a DVD.

2. Convert DVD ISO files to video, which is compatible with your media player.
<1> [url=http://handbrake.fr/?article=download ]Handbrake[/url]
convert dvd to MP4, MKV, AVI, OGM, AAC, MP3 etc.
But hard to handle on windows OS.
<2> Wondershare DVD ripper
Convert dvd to all popular video and audio with great quality.

I also was trying to play an ISO file in Windows Media Player and had no audio. VLC Media Player worked for me. Thanks to those who posted that solution! reply


Can you play ISO on Divx? and how? reply


vlc media works perfectly thank you very much reply


new to this, just got a laptop with a blu ray player, I ripped a blu ray movie to my hard drive and it is an .iso file, can anyone tell me if I can burn it to a dvd, the file size is 45 gig. If so how?

thanks reply


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