i need help burning these files

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i have devil may cry 3 and it came as a bunch of split files (not rar files like usual). it starts as o-dmc3.001 and ends in o-dmc3.056 with an sfv. They all say unknown file format, and i checked the sfv and all the files are fine. What do i do now? reply

sry didnt mean to make 2 posts :( reply


Right click .001 file and choose open with winrar. You will find that all the files will be associated with winrar. reply



I keep trying to burn IN NERO (I have the newest version and am having problems that I have never ran across before....


I have ripped dvd movie and am trying to burn a dvd with the *(IFO/VOB/BUP FILES)* I am doing it like i allways do but now it will act like it is starting to burn but before the Buffer Level Fills up and the Progress bar starts moving like its burning IT ERRORS OUT AND STOPS...

IT SAYS “Track Following Error, Plextor DVDR PX-712a\H0-T1”

I have allready gone into Services and Disables the IMAPI There but it still keeps doing it???

I assume this is because Nero thinks something else is using the DVD-R Rom or its in use or something but I have uninstalled all other burning programs I had installed like Stomp Record Now Max and Easy CD Creator... I have done this with tons of other burning programs installed but don’t know why it is giving me fits now????

It has never done this

CAN ANYONE HELP????? I am very knowledgeable of allot of things and especially dvd ripping/processing and authoring But this has gotten me stumped/////

Thanks much and you can email me directly at SlimShadySkip@PunkAss.com reply


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