how to play *.rmvb file?

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I downloaded a file *.rmvb . when i double-click it it just use Real Player to open it but it can’t be opened... what is this file and how can i play it? Thx. reply

It should normally open directly in Real Player, unless it’s not valid, or maybe some plug-ins need to be installed. Another thread on RMVB: reply

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I tried to play it in my Real Player 8 Plus. But it just said that " realplayer needs to download new software to play this clip”, after i clicked “ok” it just said " Currently AutoUpdate hsa no plug-in available to play your selection." . What should I do to play this *.rmvb file?
if some plug-ins have to be installed... can anyone tell me which plug-ins to be installed? Thx. reply


Did ya read the other thread? If not, have a look through it.

If it doesn’t work, go here:

and get this .dll:

I’ve never used Real Player 8 Plus, but browse through the folder for it. That folder should be in the Programs directory. Do you see a folder (in the Real Player 8 Plus folder) that says Codecs, or something? If so paste the drv43260.dll in that folder. If not, you should be able to identify which is the correct place to place the drv43260.dll.

Open the Real Player and see if you can now play the RMVB file(s). reply


It should be in this pack:
RealPlayer9 Win32 codecs (including RV40) 380k 5634600ac24a337be2126229bcc1fe46 reply


I can play the .rmvb file with my realplayer now, although i have to open it by opening from the realplayer(meaning if i double-click the .rmvb file, the realplayer still said “realplayer needs to download new software to play this clip”.. )
Thx Frightfo0 very much for great help!!
p.s. i just downloaded the
RealPlayer9 Win32 codecs (including RV40) 380k 5634600ac24a337be2126229bcc1fe46
pack and copy all the .dll file into the realplayer folder... won’t it affect the program?


Shouldn’t be a problem as those codecs that come in the pack are official ones.

Hehe, they’re exactly the same ones I use for playback on RMVB on modded Xboxes :-) reply


Hi Frightfo0

I’ve got a modded Xbox, with xbox media center.

how to play this kind of files (RMVB) ?
Do i Need to add some Dll ? reply


You need the latest CVS build of Xbox Media Player (XBMP) (although I think Xbox Media Center (XBMC) also supports it and it’s probably the same method for installing).

Anyways, here we go:

First, you’ll have to install and configure an IRC client and an FTP client:
You may also need to install WinRAR (, so you can extract things.

Then connect to Efnet and join the channel - #xbins

Read the MOTD (Message Of The Day/Topic) and read any instructions that are displayed. It’ll give some commands and stuff. Put the command in, then another window will pop-up where further instructions come up, telling you how to access the FTP. This FTP is where you can download the very latest CVS builds of XBMP OR XBMC.

Read this FAQ on upgrading XBMP. It’s pretty straight forward:

After installing and deleting the 0face007 folders under E:\UDATA & E:\TDATA on your Xbox, it’s then time to install the DLLs:

Download the 'RealPlayer9 Win32 codecs (including RV40)' file and extract it. Then copy the 'cook3260.dll' and 'drv43260.dll' over to your XBMP 'dll' folder:

Now rename the extension of the .RMVB video files to .RM, then FTP the files over to your Xbox etc.

So, for example, this:

'Home Made Video.rmvb' would be renamed to 'Home Made Video.rm'

Small guide on how to show/change extensions:

.RMVB is renamed to .RM because the Xbox can sometimes crash trying to read from a file with the .RMVB extension.

Reboot and that’s about it. Done :-) reply


I should’ve said, after everything’s installed and such, then - Turn Off the Xbox, and turn it back on, so the changes are set. reply


I’ve just installed the lastest version of Xbox Media Center

And It Works !!!!

Thanks 4 your help

I rename the extension in ".rm" reply


i downloaded this movie it is a .rm file but when i play it in realplayer it loads for a second then it says error pops up this sign and says: RealPlayer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of somethin the information u were workin on might be lost send erroe report dont send

then i clicked send error report and realplayer shuts down what happened??? reply

What’s the easiest way to make these files playable on a DVD player?



RealPlayer is native player/viewer.

follow downloads link and select real player 10.0 reply


Ive done all the things that you have said frighto but it downloads are some .tar.tar file or something and not as a extension. Besides that i dont know where to place it in my realplayer folders. Could you help me out? thx. reply


That is, when i downloaded that file at

and the pack : RealPlayer9 Win32 codecs (including RV40) 380k 5634600ac24a337be2126229bcc1fe46 reply


Ive also tried to changing it to a dll extension and placing it into every folder, but it stil says i need rv40 when the software couldnt be dowloaded from real. If anyone can help me pls leave a msg. thx. reply


There are a few programs that can extract from TAR files (Tars are archive/packages for files. They’re like Zip files).

You could install WinRAR, but it’s only limited trial software which must be purchased in the long-run. Another freeware program that can do it is 7-Zip.

Try WinRAR first: - WinRAR - 7-Zip

Once WinRAR is installed right-click on the file and choose 'Extract files...' or 'Extract to [directory name]' and either choose where you want to extrat the files, or just let the program choose a location.

The resulting file might need further extracting (I can’t remember if it does), but again if need be, extract again. until you get the file lot of .dll files.

I haven’t personally used 7-Zip, but if you want to try that in the future, when the trial time for WinRAR has expired, download if from the stie. It’s totally freeware. reply


Ok thx frighto0. Ok now ive extracted and err placed it into plugins (which im assuming is where it goes). but still the video says i needs to download another software which it cant find - and now it is rv30 not rv40. What is happening? reply


And if i get the right codec, which folder do i place it in? There is no codec folder, so im confused. Would you be able to explain these? thx, its just that ive never done this sort of thing b4. reply


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