How to convert .MOD file into anything acceptable by Adobe Premier ?

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On the topic of Renaming MOD to MPG. I’ve done this and have had problems making a DVD from Premiere Pro2. Any one else using premiere pro 2 experiencing the same problem?

tad reply


Use 'ByThaBay’s technique above in his blog, much quicker than converting to avi’s - tried both methods, they both worked well.

Here’s his blog article: reply


i found i way to change the file extension easier then all the other things that are posted its called sdcopy reply


This may have been answered and, if it has, forgive me for re-asking but after the last four hours of fighting with these file types I just don’t possess the patience to read through so many comments.

I’m using Adobe Premier Pro 2.0, and of course it doesn’t read the .MOD files. This is nothing surprising, but regardless I started searching for a solution. I’ve this far seen that changing the extension to a .mpg or .m2v is the simplest way to go, but for some reason I’m unable to do this (I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit edition), it just wont allow me to regardless of what I do.

Needless to say, I’m getting a bit frustrated. Does anyone know by chance what may be the problem or anything else to do? reply


I use Ulead Video Studio 10 It will load .mod as it is.
Then just render to .avi or .mpg
Works fine for me. reply


ddonq wrote:
hey guys. I just tried the renaming idea. works fine with Windows media player.. but when i load it into premiere 1.5 pro i get an unexpected error and it crashes.. tried with both .m2v and .mpg which i rename from a .mod file. Any ideas?

Try to put this file in your premiere root directory after renaming to *.m2v

It did it for me. reply


okay thanks everyone. how do you do it in a mac? reply


Thanks all, I changed the files from .mod to .mpg in Vista Ultimate and I was able to import video only into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3... Doesn’t really matter for me, because I’m not using the sound from the original files, I’m using music behind it to create a video. Thanks again. reply


Tony Wood wrote:
I’ve posted to this forum previously, and can relate to the heartaches being suffered by people who have purchased the JVC Everio GZ-MG series.

The solution which I have found works for me is to forget file conversions, workarounds, codecs etc - simply copy the files to your Hard Drive and then use Adobe Premiere Elements 2 (Not V1)for your editing. Adobe PE2 has phenomenal features, is quite cheap and has lots of resources in books magazines and web pages.

And one other thing I’ve found is that you have to re-interlace to stop the shuddering in action scenes.

If you have this camera you definitely have a quality product, you have fast file transfer, no discs or tapes to purchase, excellent reproduction, but you do have f*** all support from JVC.

They think that because they’re selling cameras, that’s what you’re buying. Consequently they don’t understand your editing problems, and worse still they don’t give a sh*t - believe me I’ve written to them on a number of occasions - and that’s why you have to go trolling through these forums.

I did try file conversions with little success, but I’m really happy now with my Adobe.

You’ll be able to check out my results on after 18 April in their new contest (assuming my entry is accepted). My entry will be “Nicola’s Birthday” or similar.

So put the hammers and chain saws away, relax with some decent software and enjoy the results.

Oh, and Happy Easter.

Tony Wood
Perth, Australia

Yes Tony is need to change or convert MOD extention.......I use Ulead Video 10+......and I can easy and fast edit directly my JVC-MOD format video files and then save or burn them in any format reply


Ok, I have read about all these I can stand. I have found a way that will work without buying or downloading anything.

1-convert to mpg
2-open windows movie maker
3-import newly changed file from step one
4-drag file to timeline / do not try to play it. It will only give you sound.......!
5-publish to “this computer”
6-Name file and choose location
7-do not change/use defaults and click “publish”
8-open Premier
9-import new video. You will get both sound AND video.
10-edit away!

It’s amazing what you can do when you are bored at work... lol reply


TonyShep and Xenosteel:

Your method works. Change the extention from .MOD to .mpg.

Actually if you use VLC player (Freeware. You can google it), its the best. VLC player also plays the video. Loud and clear. reply


Hi everyone. Nice tips up here. The folder options thing helped me a lot. So changing the extension works fine for me too. The only thing is I can’t import the sound files in Premiere Pro CS3... only the video comes right to my timeline. Any clue what I could try to fix. Thanks. reply


Has anyone converted and imported HD material from a JVC HD-camcorder into Adobe Premiere succesfully please?
I have such a cam, I have Premiere but I can’t do sh*t with it :(


Alex (from Holland) reply


TO THOSE STILL HAVING PROBLEMS AFTER COPYING ad2ac3dec.dll. There are 2 versions floating around the internet. This version worked for me:

this version does not:

Also, FFDSHOW is better than STINKYS MPEG2 DECODER. FFDSHOW doesn’t skip audio and video. Stinkys decoder skipped a lot. reply


I know this is bringing back a dead thread, but I have been struggling with this issue in the last few days and I wanted to add my 2 cents.

I’m using Adobe Premiere Elements 4 and it doesn’t seem to like mpeg2 files in any form. I tried using Streamclip to convert the files into AVI and a few other different formats, but I ended up with errors in the files such as rough edges and lines when the camera moved quickly. Finally I just tried changing the file type to AVI (but not converting it) by changing the file extension (you all know how to do that by now). This has been the only thing that has kept the original file quality (because it is essentially still the original file) but tricked Adobe into actually accepting it and not displaying a “read memory” error (because Adobe likes AVI files).

I hope this helps, and I hope I’m not jumping in too fast as I’m about to go and do more editing and see if the problem is TRULY fixed.

Cheers, Stuart reply


hi y am a desperate man who cannot find a way to convert mod mouvie into avi or something else!Y have a jvc camera model GZ MG135.If someone can help me please give me an answer sun as y can.Y am from Romania (Europe). reply


hi y am a desperate man who cannot find a way to convert mod mouvie into avi or something else!Y have a jvc camera model GZ MG135.If someone can help me please give me an answer sun as y can.Y am from Romania (Europe).My email adres is reply


I want to share one professional and powerful mod converter for you. With this Mod Convertersoftware to convert Mod video produced by digital harddisk camcorder to mpg, mpeg, avi, wmv easily and fastly. reply


I usually use Aiseesoft Mod Video converter to convert Mod to mpg, mpeg, avi, wmv, etc. With it you can easily convert your digital harddisk camcorder mod to avi and other popular video formats.
Just free download it and have a try. reply


Well, what is cyberlink? I know my JVC camera came with it, but how do I open it? reply


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