how to burn .001 .002 .003 .004 files

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I’ve downloaded a game that gave me 4 files...

.dvd file, .001 file, .002 file, and .003 file.

Can anyone help me to convert these files into a burn-able format? bin/iso/ etc...


H reply

im wondering the same thing.
anybody know ?
did the tread creator find a way ? reply


I created .dvd etc files with clonecd.
(but my clone-cd is now unable to burn it.. ;)) reply


use winrar to unpack them then burn them as iso. reply


You can use;

Iso Buster:
Download adress:

Download adress:

Download adress: reply

Wow this tread is old. I am having the same problem. WinRar, WinIso, and Alcohol CAN NOT OPEN .DVD FILES. I am about to try Iso Buster even tough I don’t think it will work. Just don’t waste your time with the other programs. reply


convert them to iso format using image burner which is free reply


use with 7-Zip is more easy! go to it’s free! reply


help! i downloaded a movie in 2 parts. they were .001 and .002 files. I used 7-zip to join them and it created a file with no extension at all. i’m not sure what to do with this 'file' in order to be able to play it ... reply


HJsplit never really worked for me. Did some searching and came across this: . Hope this helps. Itís nice b/c it associates itself w/ the .001 file format so when I download a set of files (like movie.wmv.001, movie.wmv.002, etc), I just double click the .001 file and itís all done. fast and pretty too. have fun! reply


the .dvd file I have right now is small and comes with an ISO, I believe the .dvd might be a queue file of some sort. As for .001, .002, .003 I think you may be talking about rar parts, try WinRAR. reply


there are some dvd burners can help you. reply


all you need is the cue file.
Once you have that burn it with Nero burning rom- burn image option.

If you have files such as .001 .002. 003 etc...then select the first file and extract it to a folder using winrar
it will then give you an extensionless file.
Now at the end of that file rename it a .cue extention.
THen burn using Nero burning Rom image burner by selecting the “Record” option on top.
THen once you insert your burned disk into a CD/DVD drive you will be able to install it. The image has now become and .exe reply


The CloneCD Image that we are talking about is made of a .dvd file and many .000 .001 .002 files.

It’s not possible to unpack them with WinRAR and 7-Zip.

If you simply wanna burn it, download Clone CD and burn it.

If u wanna convert it to an .ISO or another extension it’s more difficult.
Cloned CD and all other programs I’ve tried don’t allow u to convert it.
The only way I figured it out and it works is:
1) Download Virtual CloneDrive and emulate the image (Daemon Tools doesn’t support this Image type yet).
2) Use any program to read from the emulated disk and write an image file such as .iso or whatever u need. reply


It’s all bullshit!!!
Just Download and join files and rename it to .iso

That’s fucking it! reply


thank you reply


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So to add to all this chatter. Did anyone really find a way that works properly to burn these files to a disk reply


i opened winrar, selected the .001 and .002 files at the same time and packed them out somewhere, that will make you a .iso file, if you have that, either use something like deamon tool to play them on your computer, or burn them on a cd (i use iso buster) reply


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