How do I turn TS files into something I can copy into my video files?

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I burned a DVD and mistakenly deleted the file that it copied. Now I cannot put the file from the DVD back into the computer. I have Windows XP and us Windows Movie Maker to edite the movie.

I get a message somewhat like..“movie maker cannot open a TS file." What is TS anyway?
Puzzled in Eugene, Oregon reply


WMM supports wmv and avi video. In VIDEO_TS, there are .vob files.
You need to convert vob to wmv or avi, before importing into WMM. reply


Bob wasn’t asking about the TS file.

He was asking about .TS file type. TS stands for Transport Stream. reply


There are program like AIr Sharing and othres that let you put files on the iPhone via WiFi. So you could have set up an ad hoc network and used that. But there is no way to send such a file as an attachment directly from the phone. Perhaps one of these apps can do scp or sftp or something, but I haven’t seen one that does. That way you could at least transfer the file to a webserver and then email a link. reply



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