How Do I Burn .ogm / .bin / .mov files?

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Hi, could someone pls tell me if its posible and/or how to burn files with the extension .ogm .bin and .mov to dvd.
I have downloaded some video files and some have these extensions, I can play them but dont know how to burn them to dvd, ant help would be appreciated. reply


Are you trying to burn data dvd’s or movie dvd’s?
Data dvd’s are pretty obvious (it’s like burning a data cd), so I’m not going into them.
If it’s movie dvd’s you’d need a dvd authoring program (tmpgenc plus, nero, ulead, etc. google’em).
Part of dvd authoring involves conversion to mpeg-2, and most programs will have support for basic file types such as avi or mpeg-1, but may lack support for quicktime (mov) or ogm files. In that case you may need to make an intermediate conversion before you convert to mpeg-2. In the case of ogm use VirtualDubMod to convert the file to avi, preferrably using direct stream copy if it’s available (it’s often available for video, but it may not be for audio if the audio is ogg audio). For mov files use RAD Video Tools (free, but can sometimes have problems converting audio) or QuickTime Pro ($30 from Apple). Export the file to an avi. In both cases you can then feed the avi into your dvd authoring program.
.bin files are cd images, so you can just burn them as such (I don’t know if they can contain dvd images as well, but if they do, burn them as such). reply


bin files are easily burned via DVDdecrypter.

rightclick movie and the first option should be burn using dvddecrpter reply


So the 64,000 dollar question is how to do you convert the .ogm file if it has .ogg audio? Cause I tried the direct stream copy and the normal recompress with a couple different codecs and I can never get the audio with the converted file. reply



How do i Burn .ogm file on to CD or Dvd so that i can play it on a Dvd player as a VCD or DVD?? reply


I have the same question as Goku

(“How do i Burn .ogm file on to CD or Dvd so that i can play it on a Dvd player as a VCD or DVD?")

help will be greatly appreciated reply


(I have already tried converting the files and it didn’t work) reply



Demux ogm to avi & ogg with VirtualDubMod, then decode ogg to wav, convert & burn to DVD with application of your choice. reply


ok after trying every type of converting tool and burning software. the best and easiest one that i have found to use is dvd santa. from what i have seen it will convert most if not all of the video types and burns them very nicely to dvd reply


here is what i did.
I opened the *.ogm files in virtualdubMOD.
Then, i clicked streams-> stream list
1. right-click on the first audio
2. select fullprocessing
3. right-click, and left-click compression
4. i chose lameMP3(install it if u dont have it)
5. pick the bitrate closest to the ogg audio
6. say ok, and click the “save as wav” button.
7. changed the name to xxxx.mp3 and save as all

Then, i opened the ogm video file in tmpgenc, and opened the earlier made mp3 file for audio.
Then, i went to file -> output to file -> avi.

Hope this helps, im also kinda noobie at this reply


so how do u find the bit rate for the audio? reply


google G-spot, it wil tell u all u need to know about any file.

and the way easier way i got to encode the *.ogm files to avi, is...
1. open up in virtualdubmod
2. extract which audio stream u want to *.mp3
3. then open up in mencoder
4. input the *ogm file and the mp3*** and converted it easy to *.avi with no problems, perfect quality, and even smaller than the original *.ogm. The bad thing is that the subtitles cant be added.

*** i actually couldnt include the mp3, so i converted it without making the mp3 and just the audio at the same time with the video. the command i typed in is:
“C:\Program Files\mplayer\mencoder.exe” “c:\video\video.ogm” -oac -nosound -ovc copy -o “c:\video\videooutput.avi”

if u need help look at the documentation on the site, its really good, as long as you read enuff. reply


k I found the bit rate using G-spot, and coverted the audio to wav and loaded the ausio and video into TMPGEnc, and the final video was out of sync with the audio reply


after you found that out, i said to use mendcoder than came with mplayer. read the topic above, it is the ONLY way i have successfully converted ogm to avi, and it actually only takes less than 20 minutes to convert the audio and video to avi container format.

the link again is here reply


ok, as u can tel I am new at this kinda stuff, so I falowed the link, then went to downloads, then to windows version, then I clicked on us, then it downloaded a zip file, that I unziped, and got these files/folders 1-folder named codecs 1-folder named drivers 1-folder named mplayer 1-file named authors 1-file named copyright 1-file named man-page 1-file named mplayer 1-file named ChangeLog 1-file named license 1-file named mencoder and 1-file named raed me, I looked in the readme file, and it has no info on how to instal it can u tell me how piz reply


you just extract the files into any directory.
i would use C:\mplayer.
Then, if u read the documentation or any of the links above, u can learn how to use it. I can help with specific things u need, dont wanna do the whole thing tho.

and its command-line, meaning you need to use the ms-dos program, CMD(if ur using xp or 2k) reply


ok, the instructions tell me to typ ./configure, and then to configure mplayer, and make install

to install it, I have windows XP, so will that still work?

Also, where do I typ all this?

after reading your last post, did U say I had to get a program called CMD is that right, if so where would I find it?

sorry for all the dumb questions, but this is my first time trying to do this, so I have no idea what to do any and all help very apreciated. reply


This will tell you how to use convert *.ogm to *.avi from start to finish. It’s actually quite simple, so u better read.

To access CMD, click Start -> RUN -> cmd

Then you access the directory of mencoder by typing:
“cd C:\Program Files\mplayer\"
without the quotes, or whatever your path to mplayer folder is.

and then you type:
mencoder.exe c:\video\video.ogm -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o c:\video\videooutput.avi

(you HAVE to edit these)
the two “C:\video\” are the source and output files.
The first is input ogm, the second is output.
(leave the ones below the same)
-oac means the sound,
-ovc means video.
mp3lame is how to encode the audio,
copy means to just copy the same video.
-o means output.

I myself, could not get the mp3lame codec to work, so i just substituted the mp3lame for another copy, and it worked fine. This also works for just about any video format, i converted .wmv to avi just as easy as ogm to avi. Have fun! reply


ok thanks a lot, that last post cleard up a lot of questions. but I was wondering if I was puting the right names in the right places, would I right it out like this

mencoder.exe c:videoC:\inuyasha videos\[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.ogm -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o c:videoC:\inuyasha videos\[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.avi

“C:\inuyasha videos” is the folder the file is in, and “[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel” is the name of the video,

when I ptyped the file in all I got was “C:\documents and Settings\tony>mencoder.exe c:videoC:\inuyasha videos\[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.ogm -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o c:videoC:\inuyasha videos\[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.avi
is not recognized as an internal or external comand, operable program or batch file. is there anything you see that I may need to chang.

once again thans vary much for your continued patianc with my questions. reply


you must be new at this(computers)

the reason it is now recognizing the command is because you forgot to put the slash in:
mencoder.exe c:videoC:inuyasha videos[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.ogm -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o c:videoC:inuyasha videos[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.avi

it should read:
mencoder.exe c:\videoC\inuyasha videos[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.ogm -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o c:\videoC\inuyasha videos[AHQ] Inuyasha 002 - Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel.avi

thats the only problem i see. as long as “videoC” is a folder on the C drive, looks as though your trying to tell the computer to run the script from a drive called “C” and “videoC”. well, try again i suppose! reply


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