Convert 700mb .avi file to 400mb .rmvb file

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I want to Convert 700mb .avi dvdrip movies to 400mb .rmvb file.
I can easily convert .avi to .rmvb using WinAVI Video Converter 8.0 but I dont know how you convert it such that the size reduces to 400.

Can anyone provide me with the settings like frame rate, picture size, audio and video sample rate, encoder, quality format etc... so that the size of the converted .rmvb file is reduced to around 300-400mb maintaining the quality

This is possible because I have come across plenty of 400mb .rmvb dvdrip movies of late(same quality as the 700mb movie - maybe a very very little drop which is hardly noticeable).

thanks reply


try to use megui it is very good quality film in mkv or mp4 first u should install purecodec or some to decode try google to find everything reply


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hi, I use Nidesoft video converter to convert videos, if you want to reduce the size just set lower bitrate reply



Few video converter supports RMVB output.
You may need to get another format. reply

Dude, try dropping the bitrate only, and convert to h264 and aac, with an mkv (matroska container)

A bitrate between 600Kb/s - 800Kb/s might provide a good result and lower file size.

I peronally use Mainconcept Reference for my conversions, only fault is it doesn’t do DivX into other formats.

Yes, Mainconcept reference supports an rmvb output as well.

I began with several xvid/mp3 DVDRips that were 1.36Gb to 1.40Gb in size, and with these settings I now have them at around 700Mb to 900Mb in size. By dropping bitrate only.

I start off with 800kb/s as my bitrate, lower may give you the smaller files size. reply


thank you reply



download a different film you moran reply




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