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Guys, I don’t know much technical stuff, but I do know that when I try and play some .avi files on WMP9 the request for codec nearly alwayys fails.

Anyone know what the problem is (in non-tech language) and how/where I can fix it, cos it is pretty annoying and I have several top files which don’t play.


Jimmy reply

Basically, the problem is Windows Media Player 9 won’t download competitor’s codecs. Real, Quicktime and even authors of XviD binaries are competition. However, you can download the codecs from somewhere else, and give WMP9 the ability to play a certain file.

First thing is to download a codec finder, such as:

'TFO’s Codec Finder':

And identify, which codec is required. If that one doesn’t work, try:

'AVICodec' reply


Cheers, I have downloaded AVIcodec and am ready to use it.

But, now i have it, what do I do? How do I get the thing to identify missing codecs?

Let me know ASAP

Jimmy R reply


Load you video file into it. If it can recognise the stuff the file is made up of, it’ll display the information. After that is done you can search for the exact codec, etc, that’s needed.

What details does AVICodec give? Try pasting them here. File name isn’t needed, just audio/video stream information etc. reply



No sweat - the thing works. had a look at my files on AVIcodec and found that the DivX codec stuff was missing. I then went on the net and downloaded DivX, and the files that now work.

If this is any help to anyone else, if you experience the same problem as me with WMP9, it is likely to be the DivX codec missing. Get AVIcodec, search the file(s) that aren’t playing, and click on the link to go on the DivX site if it is identified as the problem.

Cheers for your help Frightfo0 - what was cloudy is now clear!

Cya guys reply


yes reply


I love your script but today I noeticd that must have changed something because the script doesn’t work properly anymore. It does remove the player, but it doesn’t move the user detail box anymore. Is there anything you can do about that? reply


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