Cant play MPEG file that was extracted from a BIN file

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I had this problem and couldn’t find a solution until now.

For the people who haven’t used TAR or RAR files I’ll start from the basics.

Once you’ve downloaded the TAR or RAR file, extract it with a program called WINRAR.

You’ll end up with a whole lot of smaller files.

Click on any one of these to start the next extraction process.

If you get a screen saying it needs to start with the ‘.r00’ file then you need to find this file.

Most of the files will have the same name until you see the ‘hidden extension’.

To do this go to the top of the opened windows folder then go to:

‘tools’….’folder options’…..’view’…..and uncheck ‘hide extensions for known file types’.

Now open the ‘.r00’ file.

Once all the files have been extracted you might end up with a simple video file you can play straight away.

If not then you will probably end up with a CUE file and a BIN file.

If you end up with a CUE file and a BIN file then you need to burn the BIN file to a disc first.

Use something like NERO.

In NERO, go to 'recorder' then 'burn image'.

Then open the file on the disc with a media player that will play DVD-format (MPEG2) files, like PowerDVD.

This is the important part as it will not play in something like Windows Media Player (at least it didn’t for me and I had all the necessary codecs installed) even though the file has an MPEG extension!

I could play my original DVD discs using Windows Media Player but not downloaded BIN video files that I extracted and burned to disc.

If you try to simply extract the BIN file to your hard drive then try to play it with a program like PowerDVD, it won’t play.

Hope this helps.

play movie no sound, can you help reply


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