can UltraISO convert VOB DVD to data DVD?

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Hi.....I urgently need some help!!!! I currently use DVDShrink to rip my DVDís to my harddrive.DVDShrink compresses my DVDís so that if I want to burn them, a full DVD will fit on a normal 4.7 GB DVD Disc. I want to be able to convert the VOB DVD Files to DATA DVD Files so that I can fit more than 1 DVD on a 4.7 GB DVD Disc. Iíve burned 5 full dvdís to a 4.7 GB DVD Disc...thanks to the fact that the files were written in DATA DVD format. Can I use UltraISO to convert my VOB Files to DATA DVD Files? If yes, can someone please guide me through it. If not...are there any other programs that will be able to convert VOB to DATA DVD, that compresses it so that I can fit more than one movie on a 4.7 GB DVD Disc? Iíve posted a similar question on another website, still havenít gotten any replies. Help will be appreciated. Thanks reply

I dont understand why you burn VOB as data dvd files.
It cannot be played on dvd player and computer.

You may convert your dvd files into videos, which get video quality reserved with little size, and burn videos onto DVD disc as data. And those files can be played directly by mediaplayer on computer.

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I rip dvd’s to my harddrive using DVD Shrink, DVD Shrink, shrinks the dvd’s till about 3.5 GB, I just want to know how do I convert those files (VIDEO & AUDIO FILES) to data files? If the dvd is in data format it is compressed till about 1GB, so a full dvd will then be 1GB, I want to know how I would be able to do that, I want to be able to burn 4 movies on a 4.7GB DVD for my dvd backups, we only watch the dvd’s through the pc. reply


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