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i have a problem, first off it isn’t like the other .bin and .cue questions i’ve check most of the threads and i’ve gotten bunch of help thanx to you guys and gals with the answers i learned alot. The problem i have is i’ve dl a movie which was 1.8gb big and came wit two folders; CD1 and CD2 with a file extension called .nfo but i dont think its important. Both folders came with bout 40 .rar files and a .sfv file, the first thing i did after looking at all the threads was i extracted one of the .rar files from each folder using Izarc and out came two sets of .bin & .cue files. I dl videolan since the files wont play on divx and i play the .bin file from the CD1 folder on videoLan and it worked great for about 15min then it stopped for sum reason even though it said it had bout 40 more min left and sumtin popped up about video output. So it tried extracting from another .rar file but for sum reason Izarc stopped working and it came out only a .cue file. So to sum up my question is is there any way to convert .bin or .cue file into avi, mpeg, or divx format so i can play the movie on my comp since my dvd player cant play cdrs.
Any Help is graciously appreciated. reply

.nfo files often contain relevant information and should be read. Don’t double click it, since Windows has it associated with the msinfo utility. Instead right click it and open it with wordpad.

Just for clarity: .bin and .cue files are cd image files. Their contents could be a data cd, music cd, vcd (video cd), svcd (super video cd), or something else. In the case of data cd’s - data cd’s contain files just like your hard disk. The files can be images, movies, text files, programs, etc. In most cases, the point of a cd image is to have it burned to cd-r. In some cases you can read the contents directly from the cd image by mounting it, and in the case of vcd or svcd, the contents can be read directly by videolan.

“So to sum up my question is is there any way to convert .bin or .cue file into avi, mpeg, or divx format so i can play the movie on my comp since my dvd player cant play cdrs."
If you have a cd image, just burn it with nero or other cd burning program that handles cue/bin - as a cd image, not as a data cd (there should be an option in the file menu to 'open cd image', or 'burn from cd image'. If it’s a vcd or svcd, your dvd player will play it. If it’s a data cd with a video file on it, then your dvd player may or may not play the file depending on the circumstances. For example, if the file is an avi in the divx codec, and your dvd player is divx-certified, it will play it. If it’s not playable on your dvd, you’ll have to do some conversion. There’s many vcd, svcd, and dvd authoring programs out there. Just google them. reply


you can convert .bin & .cue files to mpeg format by using a program called vcdgear..you can download it for free at www.vcdgear.com and better still it is a stand alone program..good luck reply


OMG!!!! I just wanted to say thank for the info..
I DL the program vcdgear.. as said and wow I think its great!! It saved me from a few probs I was having trying to do things manually..
Great prg. if your dowloading torrent files for changing them to a format that plays..
www.vcdgear.com Two Thumbs Up from me :o)

Thanx Again reply


how do we change .rar files into .avi or .wmv files so that we can watch them as movies? I really need help i can seem to make my .rar movies work on my computer. Plz help. I will be really grateful! reply


.RAR files are compressed, and can be extracted with WINRAR available from www.rarlab.com. After extracting the contents, the movie may be viewed. reply


I’m trying to extract RAR files with WINRAR, but the torrent download includes one .rar files, then the rest are .r00, .r01., ect. The numbered files say there are no archive to extract. I convert the rar file and get 40 minutes of the movie. what about the .roo and .ro1 files? reply


you can convert winrar files to mpeg using vcdgear..it can be downloaded free from www.vcdgear.com reply



I have a problem installing nhl2005. I’ve dwnlded 2 bin files (1 of each cd) and installing from the first cd doesn’t work.(even befor asking the key) So I just use the setup.exe file on my hard disk, it askes for the key and then it starts installing. Halfway trough, I’m asked to enter the second disk and installation continues untill 100%, then I’m told that the SAR2.exe file can’t be transferred from the media, and I have to abort installation, which kinda sucks
What can I do to solve this ?

PS: When I open the file (sar2.exe) seperatly it gives the following error:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:06bd IP:0212 OP:63 33 32 36 64
Choose 'Close' to terminate the application

thx in advance,

excuse me for writing mistakes, but I’m no native English speaker reply




I managed to download a SVCD file.
Two CD’s.
CD 1 has the RAR file and R00, R01 etc files(0.78GB).
CD2 has the same.(0.78GB)
When I open the RAR file in CD1 there is a BIN image.
I can extract this and using ISO I can open a mpg file from it.
This plays the first part of the film (CD1)
When I go into CD2 and open the RAR file all I see is a cue file.
I don’t know how I can open the second part of the film.

Can anyone help? reply


i have downloaded loads of things that are bin/que files...some won’t open or i get an error message....again i say download vcdgear from www.vcdgear.com....this will convert a bin file even if the que file is missing....a free download so you have nothing to loose...if you convert a movie with vcdgear and windows sayes that it can’t open the file,just right click and chose a program from the dropdown list and chouse to open with nero showtime....works great...you can then watch the movie or burn the dvd using nero’s movie maker.....hope to have been of some help reply


Hey thanx for the vcdgear man I had about 20 movies in the cue bin format that for one reason or another just would not mount like the rest. VCD turned each one into a playable mpg in about 40 sec a movie... HOT STUFF thanx again reply


To you people that want some help with this subject of r01, r02 etc)

MY observations (not an expert):
OK. You are seeing the folders like CD1 and CD2, or just perhaps CD1. In them are several files - most ending with extensions like r00, r01, r02, r03, r04, r05, maybe up to r40 or whatever. Now,, these are RAR files. However, you don’t have to do anything with them. There also will be one file that ends in plain .RAR, and of course this is also a RAR file, and this is the one that will concern you.

Since this .RAR file is the same size as some of the other RAR files (r01, r02, etc), the .RAR file must be a starting point that will unRAR the other RAR files mentioned. So it puts all of these files together into one nice usable file. If the original started as an .AVI it will end up an .AVI. Or if the original was whatever else, it will end up as those. So, you need only right click on the .RAR file and choose to unRAR it. Give it some time to finish.

As far as I figure, the size of the .AVI movie file (or whatever other movie format or even game formatted file) is usually broken into CD sizes for easy transfer to a blank CD.

AS far as the person that said they saw a CUE file but not a BIN file - I have always seen both together. The .BIN file is the movie file at, say, 700 MBs, while the cue file is a few KB and is what starts up the BIN file. If you see no BIN file there is something amiss. List the files in that folder using the “list” command not the icon or thumbnail command - maybe you overlooked it. If so than read what others wrote about what is needed to play bin and cue files.

By the way, if any of you are just now looking into this - there is an alternative to having to get WinZIP or WinRAR - if you have to pay for those, a free alternative, and this is a complete total ZIP/unZIP un anything that is archived program, is called “ZipGenius”. It’s a good solid program.

Also, if any of you get into Usenet and into the multimedia files, you need a Usenet reader of course. I originally bought Agent. Agent is great for text newsgroups and pictures, but when you get into the good stuff like video files and audio files, the best new reader out there for this is called “News Rover”. For one thing the RAR stuff is completely internal (built in), while with Agent and other new readers you have to do it externally. And with it being built in, it is geared for this, and a couple of clicks and it marks all of the downloads without you having to hunt them down, and proceeds. You don’t touch it until it unRARs and you have the final product (a clickable .AVI file, for example). Also filters are great to (it will let you specify to show only those posts that have what you are looking for display, as in multimedia movie files, or music files, whatever, all other posts you never see unless you click to show them). reply


Try using “Daemon Tools” it will create a virtual cd/dvd rom and you can mount cue files in it and play away.

Hope this helps......

Anyone know how I can take a game and turn it into a cue file? reply


is there a way to convert to bin and cue files? reply

I need help
step one.....I downloaded a movie from a torrent site and converted it with bitcomet(the movie has
50 rar. files
step two.......after it was finished downloading I converted the rar. files with winrar
step three......I watched it on realplayer to make sure it was ok..(it seemed fine)
step 4.......I tryed to covert it with my vso dvix to dvd software

THis is where my problem happens.......It converts one frame and then tells me its complete.....I’ve tryed it 3 or 4 times with the same results........can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong?....thanks a bunch reply


hi there..try using a prog like winavi or tmpge dvd author...you can download it from most torrent sites...the problem with your prog is that it most likley dos’nt like that perticular file...hope that you get sorted reply


Okay, the question I have is why are there so many rar files? I have a movie with 4 cd’s and in each cd directory there are like 30 parts. Each part has 1cue and 1bin file that are named the same so when I extract them they try to overwrite each other.

Also I used VCDgear to convert rar to mpeg and I get an error saying source file could not be opened.

All your help is greatly appreciated.
Bill reply


When they break up a movie or whatever, they usualy break it into CD sizes, and I figure it is so they an be stored on a CD if so desired.

If the bin and cue files are already present in each folder to me it means the RAR files have already been “un-RARed”. The author or burner shouild have named each one different, like stick a 1, on the end of one, a 2 on the other, and so on, but he didn’t.

I am not sure if a cue file is written to only play a certain named bin file, or if renaming is ok - why not just leave them in each in a folder and play them from there? You can delete all of the other files. If that is what you mean buy “extract” (remove them from the folder).

RAR files are like ZIP files in pieces. And un-RARing will put them back together to the original - in your case a bin and cue file in each CD byte sized folder. reply


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