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I downloaded a movie from axxo but it is
a rar file with a password.

You have to go to a site where you have to
download a program.

The serialnumber of the program
is the password for the rar file.

I downloaded more movies from axxo
no problem just download and play.

Is this a real axxo movie or is it feak? reply

FAKE.. and I am deleting your other topic as it is basically the same as this one.

But all Axxo passworded files are fake, as are all the zipped and RAR ones. For more info check out this topic. reply


what is the serial then? reply


real aXXo uploads are never Rar’d or passworded, never require a specific player to be viewed.
If it asks, is full of crap.
Only dl aXXo rips uploaded by the aXXo user account.

It’s crap like this is what caused him to stop uploading anything for a while. reply


had the same issue. fake. delete. how to avoid? any suggesions? list of safe sites? reply


axxo movies--> reply


So what is the file then? is the AXXo rar file if not a movie protected with a pass. grtz reply


get your self a copy of Bit Che..

before you download a axxo torrent, or any other movie torrent for that matter, make sure the file ext. is a common video file type, so you can preview it while its downloading. dont trust Rar’ed or zipped packages. it sucks that a few asshats screwed up compression for everyone, but i know i’m not the only one that leery about downloading a compressed file.

<a href=“”></a>
<a href=“”></a>
<a href=“”></a> reply


so the files that we dl’d are useless then?
is there any way to get them to play?
i cant find the serial number dutchman is referring to.. reply


Any compressed movie file that has any type of password is an ABSOLUTE FAKE! Their are dozens of sick assholes who pull that shit over the Internet. If you’re downloading via Usenet, you simply examine the first RAR file to determine whether a password is present. Usually, these dirt bags will place a RAR file within another RAR file so the asterisk indicating the file is passworded cannot be readily detected.
Also, their is a program, “Dziobas Player” that can be downloaded (FREE). It can play the first file of a movie that has multiple RAR files. This app has saved me countless hours of wasted time. reply


password of jack reacher rar file reply




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