AVI file that doesn't play, help?

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I have this AVI file I can’t get to play in anything. I really couldn’t guess what the problem could be, perhaps it’s using some odd codec. I was hoping that someone here can get the file and take a look, it’s only 4MB and I’ve uploaded it on megaupload.


I’m not sure if this against the rules in any way. I can’t really say what the video is supposed to be since I can’t watch it, I just downloaded it from a Chinese website about some pc game.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks! reply

I downloaded your file and looked at it with a hex editor. Starting string is BIK, so it’s a Bink file.
It’s definitely not an AVI, so I don’t know why people gave it that extension (should be .BIK).
Get RAD Video Tools (free) to play it on Windows, or some of the other downloads underneath that for Mac.
http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm reply


Looks like you were right, it works now. I have no idea why it was called AVI either.

Thanks a lot, you really helped me out there! :) reply


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