any1 know a player/codec for .mkv files?!?

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any1 know a player/codec for .mkv files?!? reply

d/l the player + codec from here ;) reply


thanx a lot for the info :)
a player can be found at reply


vlc player reply



how bout where a free player is that plays .mkv files reply


you’ll have to search for 'malkavian levitt' to find a free player, unfortunately the results will be likely be in foreign language, so you’ll need a translator. reply


well i was dling some anime videos and i needed the mv codec too, so i looked around.
i downloaded the Cole2k Media Code Pack 5.42 and now i can watch mkv files in divx :) reply



thanks a lot dude!!!!!! i was looking around for that codec also ! reply


the official site is:
there you can find the matroska pack with anything you need
and i would recommend a good player, such as media player classic or bsplayer


VLC is really great!! plus it’s free
so dowload it, you’ll be able to read every film ;)
note : Another good point for VLC : it’s delivered by french students of Centrale High School!
For me, it is the first player that was able to read some mkv files i had dowloaded :p reply


Some clarifications :

1. The official matroska parser can always be found on . It will allow playback of most MKV files on any DirectShow based player on Windows, such as WMP 6.4/7/8/9 ( not recommended ), or TCMP, MPC, Zoomplayer, BSplayer, etc.

2. If the file doesnt play after installation of the full pack ( now ver. 1.0.2 ), it likely contains Realvideo ( RV 9 / 10 ). In this case you also need Realplayer or realcodec.exe ( RealAlternative ) installed. We cant include the DLLs for RV9 decoding into the full pack, as RealNetworks strictly forbids that.

3. For Linux, use VLC ( ), Gstreamer, Xine or mplayer. VLC and Gstreamer dont have support for Realvideo in MKV yet.

4. For MacOSX, also VLC and mplayer are your safest bet, but Realvideo in MKV doesnt work at all ( yet )

matroska project admin reply

well i tried the matroska pack and it did jackshit... i used it with four dif players... including wmp 9.... winamp 5.03 and div-x.... and nothing happened so i have no idea what the problem is but i think you all should get to work on that reply



we have about 260,000 downloads of the last pack, and very little complaints, maybe you have to start reading more closely what people are telling you ?

Does your MKV contain Realvideo ( RV9 / RV 10 ) ? If you are unsure about this, go get either MediaInfo ( Gspot doesnt know matroska at all ) or The Core Media Player with the matroska CDL plugin ( default in the standard distro ). Both will allow you to check the file properties, and will tell you the so-called 'codec IDs' of the video stream.

If this one is 'V_REAL/V40', you need the DLLs ( like a codec ) to decode RealVideo. For this you have 2 options :

1. Install Realplayer ( RealOne will suffice ).

2. Search for RealAlternative ( realcodec.exe ) on Google, and install it.

If you are on Linux, both mplayer and Xine can play this file, if support for Realmedia was selected before compilation, and the DLLs were loaded ( distributed separately ). On MaxOSX, unfortunately, those files wont play at all, as RealNetworks hasnt released any decoder lib for Big Endian machines like Mac’s yet.

And please, dont blame the matroska project if you are downloading a file you have no info’s on how to play it ;) .... reply

I have a question with this. It works fine I can view the videos, I watch anime. One annoying thing that happens is that I have the audio in English and Japanese, with the English subtitles. I’ve used WMedia 9 and DivX. Is there anyway to change this, or is this how it was encoded? I’ve watched two different series with .mkv files and both same results. reply


I’m afraid I have yet another problem. I’ve downloaded Windows Media Player, Realplayer, Core Media Player, DivX, and the MKV codec pack, yet I’m still unable to view any of the .mkv files I have.

Can anyone please help me? reply



which of the players are you using to play them ? What does TCMP tell about the codec ICs of the streams in the MKV files, if you click on the file in the playlist and goto 'file properties' ?

For the other problem, about 2 audio playing back at the same time, use a player with an internal audio switcher like Zoomplayer, MPC, BSplayer or TCMP, or tick the box for 'mmswitch' in the setup configuration window of the matroska full pack, to activate installation of Morgan Stream Switcher. reply

Hi, I had a small problem too, I dloaded a *.mkv file, at the beginning I couldn’t see it, but I could hear it, then I tried a lot of things and the realcoded one worked, so now I can see the video, but I can’t listen it. Why is that? :( reply


"...One annoying thing that happens is that I have the audio in English and Japanese..."

I have the very same problem, very annoying.. any solutions?? reply


To obeyyourlaw,

This problem used to annoy me greatly too. Try downloading the original media player at the
It works fine with old one but screws up with newer versions. reply


thanks... i actually posted this message .. then read the second part to the one a few above.. Zoomplayer worked great, infact, i use it for all my movies and shows now. thanks for your help tho.



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