How do I get ASVX files to play on a Win2K PC?

The Asus Video 2.0 ASVX codec is currently only supported by their Windows 9x capture software. Graham Inggs provides the following information allowing you to play these files back on a Win 2K machine.

“ASVX – Form of Asus Video 2.0 where the audio is in the .avi file, but the video is in a .asv file. Currently only the Win9x capture software can make these files, but I have managed to get Windows 2000 to play them by copying the Win9x version of ASUSASV2.DLL, inserting the following string value into the registry:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Drivers32

vidc.asvx = asusasv2.dll

and adding the following lines to the SYSTEM.INI:





Where G: is the drive on which the .asv files can be found.”