UYVY yuv pixel format


UYVY is probably the most popular of the various YUV 4:2:2 formats. It is output as the format of choice by the Radius Cinepak codec and is often the second choice of software MPEG codecs after YV12.

Y422 and UYNV appear to be direct equivalents to the original UYVY.

HDYC is equivalent in layout but pixels are described using the BT709 color space as used in HD video systems rather than the BT470 SD video color space typically used. Apparently there is a description in the DeckLink DirectShow SDK documentation at, find DeckLink SDK 5.6.2 for Windows XP and download, set product to None, serial no is not required), see "Video Formats" section.

  Horizontal Vertical
Y Sample Period 1 1
V Sample Period 2 1
U Sample Period 2 1

Effective bits per pixel : 16

Positive biHeight implies top-down imge (top line first)

Duplicate formats: IUYV HDYC UYNV Y422

Child formats: YUY2 YVYU Y42T

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