Windows Movie Maker file type issues

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I have been trying to import videos into my Windows movie maker and things have not been working out. My camera use .MOV file types and after I change the extension to one supported by the movie maker it has a message that comes up and says that I need to download a codec. Can anyone tell me how to either (a) get the codec needed to run, say, .avi files or (b)how I can save the files as another type opposed to .MOV files? reply

No, you can save your files in another format except convert MOV fomat to the format that Windows Movie Maker can support. I can recommend you a very good software named Xilisoft Video Converter for format transfer. reply

The manufacturer ceommnted on this review()Posted on Mar 29, 2011 12:23:46 PM PDT says:Hi there,I am sorry to hear about your experience, I would like to add some comments to this review.Only our telephone support is pay for, with E-mail free for purchasers of new products. We also have introduced a free online chat service through our Support website. Problems with installation and activations in our products are always dealt with free of charge through our Sales department. We are in the process of reviewing our pricing structure and this is likely to change shortly in the interests of our customers.There was a change to the recording method, that has been brought in line with normal music recording. It was really a fault in the older software that it would record to a new track. You have to manually arm the track now, by clicking on the Rec icon next to the track. Then click on the Record button or go to the option File Settings Audio Record. Coincidentally, using the second option will allow you to have the Save Take dialog at the end.The save take feature was removed, as with the new method, there is no need, if you need to record your take again, just hit the Record button and start the recording again. It was to make the process quicker and easier, rather having to click on the STOP, click on Delete Take, then click on the Record again. Now there are only 2 button pushes instead of 3.It was not our intention to remove usability, but to make the software easier to use. I understand that it may be an unwelcome change for customers used to the older method. I will pass your feedback on.Also, we normally recommend that if it is mainly recording you are interested in, then you should consider the Samplitude Producer product. Music Maker has always been aimed at home users, who are more interested in MIDI and loop composition.For recording and mastering, we recommend the Samplitude Producer, which is based on our award-winning professional Samplitude and Sequoia products.Kind RegardsNathana0 reply


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