where to get DMV converter?

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i bought my mp4 player from www.visual-land.com model 502..

for some reason the cd that came with it dont work on my computer.. now i need to look manually for a software to convert video files to dmv files.. and also to manually look for a software so i can change my welcome note when i turn on the mp4..

where can i find these things? pls. help.. reply


System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
CD-ROM (Only needed for Windows 98SE)
No driver is needed for Windows ME/2000/XP, it is also Mac-compatible. reply


im sorry. i have windows xp. reply


Even I am searching for DMV converter. Let me know if you have found solution for DMV converter.
Varad reply



Guides to DMV converter.
1. Insert the software CD in2 ur CD drive. Open feiyao when loaded.
2. Select the Tools folder.
3. Select the DMV_II folder.
4. Select the Setup icon n follow the installation procedures.
5. Now, the DMV converter is installed. U can run the program by choosing Programs from the Start Menu, then choose MP3 n DMVTools II.
6. Choose the Option icon 2 customize ur settings 4 converting the VCD format.
7. The Output Audio option allows U 2 set the audio playback 4mat. U can choose Auto(Stereo), Right Channel or Left Channel.
8. U can set the value in the Split Output File in Size option. The entire VCD can b spitted 2 a number of files 2 optimize the conversion. U can set how large each individual file occupies by entering the value (in MB)
9. U can also select the directory where the DMV file will be converted by clicking the arrow button.
10. Click the Bitrate tab. Enter the width, height and the Video Scale Factor 4 video conversion.
Follow the specification below 2 set the corresponding values.
11. Choose the Video Output Bitrate. The higher the value U set, the higher the quality the video will be outputted. The recommended bit rate is s follow.
Recommended Bit Rate

Model 31
624 kbps

Model 188
624 kbps

Model 588
2784 kbps
(Note that the range of kbps 4 selections depends on the values U set 4 the width, height n video scale factor)
12. The settings r completed now n U r ready 2 add the VCD file by clicking the Add button.
13. U can choose the video file 4 conversion. The format allowed includes *.avi, *.qt, *.mov, *.mpg, *.mpeg and *.dat.
U can also convert VCD 2 DMV format. U can do so by inserting the VCD in2 your CD driver n selecting the DAT file in the MPEGAV folder in the disc.
N finally.. Now, U r ready 2 make the conversion. Click the Make icon n the DMV format will be outputted.
PS: Whatever Model U have ..just 4llow the instruction. reply

i tried what u said but the files aren’t saved as dmv files but as mpv files! what’s the failure? reply


Click the Make icon n the DMV format will be outputted. reply



i’m not sure! either dmv files aren’t video files or my dmvTools2 is broken! after converting the video files they aren’t video files any longer ?!?!?!?! is that regular or is there sth wrong? reply


I have had no idea what U did..but if U have problem with it ..then it must b the installation cd. U can call the support of the retailer where U had bought the player n ask them 2 send 2 U a new installation cd. Still having problem after that..then I’m sorry n couldn’t b of any existence any longer. reply

the problem is i bought it in hong kong and i live in germany! well i’ll aks my brother to take a new inst. cd with him! thank you for replys reply


Next time if U gonna buy some electronic things again..plz don’t buy it in Hong Kong s they sucked! Buy it in Taiwan, Korea, Japan or Singapore. reply

The “They are not video files anymore” thing is probably due to your system not knowing what ".DMV” means. As far as I know, there is no way to play a dmv file in Windows, they are just for downloading to the VL player, so there is no associated application to dmv files, and so Windows doesn’t understand them. It doesn’t really affect the files, just the way they are presented in Explorer.

On a side note, has anyone actually managed to get correct colour on DMV videos with these things? For me, there seems to be some weirdness in the encoding causing the hue to be off by some amount, making blue turn into yellow and so on. reply


would anyone be so kind to send me a copy of their DMV converter because the mp4 player that i boughtdidn’t come with any video converter. my-e-mail address is


Thanks in advance

sean reply


Hi could you send me a copy of the DMV converter also?

Thanks in advance reply


E-Mail is mark_jackson1@hotmail.com reply


If U r illiterate..then I’m sorry. But U r NOT!!!! By doing some researching on this 4rum or whatever answer 2 ur question that U need 2 know, U will surely find it...n by saving us(charity helpers) 2 minimize the burden of answering the questions ALL OVER n OVER AGAIN.
SO PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..next time take a peek thru what is instore here. Here is the link 2 a very friendly German programmer who has written this particular software 4 all of U seeking 4 a DMV converter.
16 Nov 2005 03:56 pmPosted by Stefan Burger (Guest)

The size is a matter of the dmv-format and not of the converter. Any converter will result in the same file-size.

However you can test/use the tool that I wrote
you can download it at...


Stefan Burger reply


DMV Converter: http://nedweb.co.uk/software/DMV243.zip

I get an error while installing, aparantly it wont over write system files. Gosh.

Here is what to do:
Start > Run and type

rgsvr32 l3codeca.acm

and hit enter, go to c:\windows\system32 and rename l3codeca.acm and l3codeca.bak

Install software. reply


bad typing.

regsvr32 l3codeca.acm reply


you can get a DMV and other conveters here, it has a lot of images and media so might be slow, stay with it. http://vip.netsurf.ru/browse/?r=75042 reply



I bought my mp4 and there wasn’t any software attached... Could anyone be so kind and send me a copy of DMV converter (or sth like that)??

I can put in on my www so everyone could get them...


tran2@wp.pl reply


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