Want to convert Windows Movie Maker file to WMV! Please help

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Ok, I made a movie in Windows Movie Maker, and I want to convert it to WMV so I can watch it in Windows Media Player and upload it on Youtube. Do I need to download a specific codec or what?? I have Prism Video Converter, but it doesn’t recognize the Windows Movie Maker file. reply

Movie Maker CREATES wmv files as the default output.

Unless... I think this is what I think you may have done. When you ran movie maker, you clicked file, save as, which saves the project (aka the steps you used to make the movie, and links to the video clips, sound clips, and/or effects) instead of producing the movie. A movie maker project file would have extension .mswmm . The right way to produce the movie is to click on any of the options under “3. Finish Movie” (I think they all produce wmv files in one way or other - except maybe “Send to DV camera” - the best choice is probably “Save to my computer”.) reply

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sorry to hear that:)
wmv files as the default output , great:) reply

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ohh hahaha wow... and I thought I was smart... that was way to obvious I guess. Thanks so much for responding :) reply

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In fact, you don’t need to convert it, you just need to open it with your Windows Movie Maker, then click “save movie file”, and then “save to my computer”.

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i have the same problem... i want to upload my video file on youtube but whenever i try to publish my file it always says “Windows Movie Maker has stopped working” before it even has time to save it... i dont get it... PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!! reply

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yer i have the same problem i would like to convert a windows movie maker file to a dvd or watch it on windows media player reply


wtf when i do save movie file, it freezes, or even when i hit crtl + P, it freezes... reply


thank help a lot reply


same here! it always freezes! is there anything i can do to prevent that? reply


Lol, it tells me that Windows movie maker cannot publish the movie, and this is starting to piss me off reply


Yes...the same problem...(vista) reply


it actually saves them as MSWMM, not wmv reply


here is a step by step guide show you how to save videos as wmv format from wondows movie maker. go to this website:
bestvideoconvertersoftware.blogspot.com/ reply

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Sorry but none of this makes since I’ve spent the past 5 hours trying to understand how to convert a windows movie maker 6.0 file to a .wma format. This doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve published my movie twice and I do recall seeing it saying that it will save in the .wma format but when i play the finished product it saves it in the windows movie maker format. I’m so fed up with this program. All i need is a program that will help me splice videos together to make one video and save it in a format of my choosing. Please recommend another piece of software, preferably free that will do the job and without the f*cking headache. I give up. reply


hey guys... it was very helpful reply


No one has given an answer that works. I am having the same problem, mswmm will not covert to wmv, tried all the solutions listed (which are obvious solutions). I downloaded video from a Sony digital camcorder and used AVS converter to be able to get the video to the movie maker program. Is there something with the initial coverter and the codec that is causing the problem? reply


dudes jus do tis

save to your computer by the finish menue

then go to properties and click open with note pad it shows codec
instead of .mswmm type in .wmv

save as name.wmv

done reply


want to convert mswmm to wmv? needn’t any software, just go to this step by step guide and follow its way:
bestvideoconvertersoftware.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-convert-mswmm-to.html reply

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How do you convert mve to wmv? reply


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