VSO Divx to DVD Output File Configuration? AVI to DVD efforts

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Before anybody slams me, I’ve scoured the net for two days trying to find an answer to my question - if there is another thread, please oint me to it - thanks. That being written...

I, like so many, have always been looking to convert files/make DVDs faster than simply relying on Nerovision alone. I’ve found that using programs like WinAVI, TMPG, or VSO Divx/DVD to do conversions and then import the VOBs into Nero is FAR QUICKER than letting Nero do all of the transcodng by itself. Here’s my question though: VSO Divx/DVD seems to be the best converter for AVI to VOB, but it always outputs my AVIs into multiple VOB files. But I don’t see any configuration available in the VSO GUI.

Is there any way for VSO Divx/DVD to output to a single VOB? You might ask, why not just join the two VOB using a joiner program...? Well, I’ve done that = and first of all its an extra hassle/step, and second, most of the time the new file is out of sync. Any suggestions? Or any other programs to use? Thanks a lot. reply

Avi comes in a single file where else VOB r sorted in chapters. This is the answer 2 ur 1st question. N now coming 2 ur 2nd question..the best converting software is DVD Santa vers 4.0. That’s it n GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!! reply

I convert my AVIs to MPEG-2 (Constant Bitrate, at 5000). NTSC or PAL, whatever is needed.

Then I use DVDlab to make my VOB files, menus etc.... reply


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