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Somebody please help me decode a VOB file into an MP3 or WMA. I’ve tried many, but quality seems to be an issue. I don’t want to pay for software either.

I only want to do 1 song from a DVD. reply

Me too. Please let me know by email if you find something. reply

1.http://www.riverpast.com/en/support/tutorials/convert/vob/mp3.php FOR MP3


Try this site

It converts VOB format files to PCM WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis formats.


The address is
http://www.mymusictools.com/audio_converters_4/ac3_decoder_558.htm reply


Are there good free or low cost programs that I can take a VOB video file, edit it and burn to my own cd? I have windows movie maker which doesn’t cut it. thanks - I needed to do this like yesterday. reply


If you want to make things simple, just rip the VOB file thru DVD Shrink then load the file into Goldwave & save it in MP3 format. Done deal. Could it be any simpler? reply


Also if you want to be able to edit & then recompile VOB tracks back onto either CD or DVD’s go get 'TMPEG DVD Author'. If you want it as a full version go find the crack for it. Too easy. reply


You can use BeSweet. You can convert VOB’s to AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3, VORBIS(.ogg), or WAV. It looses NO quality, it works better than most audio rippers you pay for. you can download it here http://dspguru.doom9.net/ You need to download BeSweet v1.4 and BeLight (Both in the “Stable” and put them in the same folder. Then you need to go the Plug-ins&Source (it is on the website) and download the VOBInput.dll v1.3 (you need this to convert VOB files) and put that in the same folder as the other 2. to start go to the folder you put everything in and click BeLight. click Input and make sure where it say’s Files Of Type, you hit the down arrow and click VOB, otherwise you wont be able to see your VOB files.

If your wanting mp3’s, click the mp3 section and specify the bitrate and quality you want (for people who dont know anything about music files, click Bitrate and move the arrow to 192, then hit quality and put that to 100%) also on the left there is a section called Boost, check the box labled Boost Mode, click start and wait for it to finish, it will be saved in the same folder as the input, unless you change that. If you rename it after it is done make sure you type .mp3 after the name you typed.

Im sort of in a rush so that was a really quick lesson on how to convert VOB to mp3, and questions email me at rpkain445@aol.com reply


Also, it is absolutely free reply


Thank you for detailed reply. Followed your instructions and it butifully worked! I extraced some sound tracks from dvd and now can listen in my ipod while driving. This works great! thank you.
harish reply


Nice one Aubrey! Was lost in the millions of Google results for 'VOB to MP3' and was on the verge of downloading some crippleware just to convert one track but found your 'rushed' guide and got it sorted in 5 minutes flat. reply


This is for low budget guys: http://www.phazeddl.com/search.php?q=dvd+audio+ripper reply


Aubrey, you are the BEST!!!! After five frustrating days of trying to convert VOB to MP3, your instructions took all of five minutes to convert what I needed. Now I have the full movie VOB on MP3 (Napolean Dynamite :-) Thanks a million. reply



I tried the combination mentioned above (besweet (current stable version), belight (current stable version) and vobinput), but when I try to start the conversion a command-prompt window flashes up, disappears and nothing happens.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong or at least: How I could read possible error messages ( = how to keep the window open ;) )?

Thanks in advance
Helios reply


Update for VOB to mp3:

I am SO happy i helped people out with this!!!!!

I have just got done testing the new beta version of Besweet and it is AWESOME, so for anyone who follows the instructions i wrote, u need to download the newest Beta version of BeSweet instead of the Stable, it gives the best quality. Email me if u ave any problems reply


oh, and Helios, u need to make sure that u extracted the BeSweet files into the BeLight Directory (The Folder it is in). If that doesnt help i dont know... reply


last reply.

For the best quality mp3 conversion u should put the bitrate to 320kbps instead of 192 (u dont loose much quality at 192, and it gives u smaller files) reply


Gosh... i am seeing alot of errors from my own lesson. Here is the Detailed guide on how to do this.


You need to download:
BeLight v .21(Stable is the Fastest)
BeSweet v1.5b31(If there is a newer one download it)
VOBInput.dll v1.3

First Extract ALL of those files into one Folder. Then open BeLight, click input and in Files of Type click VOB then open your VOB File/s.

Unless u need to, do NOT click Boost mode, it just increases the sound, u do not need it if u want an exact conversion.

Make sure the Mode is set to HybridGain and the dynamic compression is Normal (Or slow, NEVER put it in Fast or it will loose quality).

U will see the sections AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3, VORBIS(.ogg), and WAVE/PMC. Click the MP3 section and click bitrate, and move the arrow to 320kbps (Dont go any lower than 192, but 320 is the best quality).

In the Bitrate Section u will see a box and beside it, it will say “Restrict Encoder to Constant Bitrate”. If clicked, it will be converted in CBR(Constant Bitrate) Mode, which i like, but if u like VBR(Variable Bitrate) Mode, keep it unchecked.

The Difference in VBR and CBR is that CBR locks the entire mp3 file at the selected bitrate, Which in your case will be 320kbps, which is the highest quality, and VBR lets the kbps roam (i dont know how to put it...) but it wont keep the entire mp3 at the best quality, so check it if u dont know the difference.

Press start, and YAY! u have an mp3!!!

Any questions emial me at rpkain445@aol.com reply


Helios - You might be trying to rip straight from DVD? - try copying the file to your computer first and giving that a go? reply


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