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Hi there,
I have so many VHS tapes that I am trying to convert them into DVD-video. I have been using Nero6 for burning dvds. Until recently it was taking me about 1.5 hrs to transcode and burn a 3hrs dvd. But now the transcoding process is very slow up to 12hrs.
I am using Windows XP sp2, 2.4GHZ processor, 512MB of RAM,80GB harddisk and a Radeon 9520 AGP card.
Can anyone there please help me with this problem?
Paul. reply

it might be that some unwanted programs are running in the background, or you got a virus or something.
either way you should check to make sure everything is the way it was when you started cause like i said if there are some unneeded programs running in the background it can lag the pc ALOT.
thats all the stupid advice i can give. reply

Thanks. I will try and stop some programs that I am not using at the time of trancoding/rendering. Do you know any of the programs that can interfere with Nero6? Just so that I can try to look for these programs. reply


ok man i just guessed on the first one and im not much of a computer whiz so i really dont know what youre talking about if youre talking about downloading programs like limewire or sharza then i might know but otherwise...sry. reply

In order 2 have some speeding up..U need some tools/software..4 instance like Free Ram Optimizer n CCleaner. These 2 software r freeware. Here is the links.
1 - (Ram Optimizer)
2 - (A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines) reply

Recently I used the cleanup tools on and reinstalled the nero6.It worked fine for a day or 2 and the problem came back. I have installed a fresh OS but I still can not resolve the problem.
Thanks. reply


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