.vcr (ati) to MPEG2 Audio degraded

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Noticed another question dated 11/18 with no reply.

My observation.
After converting from .vcr to MPEG2 or 4, the audio seemingly gets corrupted. This is demonstrated by Adobe Premiere’s analysis of the files audio mismatch. If you burn the created MPEG2 to an SVCD or DVD disk you will notice an out of sync or garbled audio issue.

Can anyone concur with these conclusions or correct me if I am wrong, I have been battling this issue for some time.

Thank you,
Apex reply

Note: I have no knowledge whatsoever of adobe premiere or .vcr files. But from working with video editing, this is my personal way of handling mismatched or out-of-sync audio and video: I just convert the audio stream from the original video into one file, then convert the video stream into another file. Then at the end I multiplex (combine) them into a single file. This usually solves my synchronization problems. (If you use TMPGEnc, that’s what system stream vs elementary stream means - system stream tries to do it all at once, elementary stream puts audio and video in two separate files, and you can combine them later, and it’s usually used when system stream doesn’t synchronize correctly) reply



My early experience with VCR-->MPG export also produced out-of-sync audio, which caused me to abandon the VCR format and record directly to MPG instead.

BUT... 11/2004, I noticed ATI had a new version of MMC online, so I downloaded everything, and reinstalled (actually reinstalled my OS to do it, but only because I’m anal about things like that).

In any event... since that time, I’ve exported dozens of VCR files to MPG, and have never experienced the out-of-sync audio problem again.

Hope this helps.

Che reply


Thank you anonymous and Che.

After upgrading to the latest ATI MMC these problems seemed to have disappeared for me as well. Thank you for your replies and time...I wish I had more time to learn all this and experiment more.

Adam reply


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