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I have been unable to use video I imported into Movie Maker from my Insignia HDDV comcorder. It is in .avi format, and clearly does not have the proper codec.

I downloaded GSpot to confirm the codec problem, and then downloaded codec pack from Cole2k Media. After downloading the pack, GSpot indicated that I have the appropriate codecs, but it still does not work with Windows. (I have rebooted both the program and the computer).

I did the “Proposed Codec Solutions and Test”, but I am not really sure what it does, or what it tells me. However, in the test window, I can get it to show the video after proceeding with the MS A/V 1 and 2.

The “Proposed Solution” reads:
[Src}-->>--[A]-->[AVI Splitter]>--[B]-->[AVI Decompressor]>--[C}-->[Video Renderer]
[Src}-->>--[A]-->[AVI Splitter]>--[B]-->[ACM Wrapper]>--[C}-->[Default DirectSound Device]

Any thoughts on adjustments I can make to make Movie Maker use the codecs? reply

What fourcc is reported by GSpot? What audio format is reported?
Did the camcorder come with included software or drivers and did you install them?
Also the proposed solution doesn’t help much if you don’t click on the individual items and read the details.

In Movie Maker, go to tools, options, compatibility. See if there’s any unchecked box you can check (in particular ffdshow or ac3filter). You may have to do it twice (sometimes audio appears after you checked video). reply


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