Sunplus PMP Transcoding Conversion Tool Needed!

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I’ve try to change the information into .ini file of BLAZE video magic v2, changed “Bit Rate” from 1000kb, 800kb to 150kb and 200kb. The result is very strange!!!!
With 200kb video quality is good!!!, bat the time is fast slow fast slow like one YoYo on my PMP, bat normal on PC!!!! somebody know how to change other parameters for to do a good work???

thanks a lot Max.
PS: I’m sorry for my english!!!!!! reply



festermax wrote:
The latest version of the PMP Transcoding Tool I can find is found here:

bad program, don’t work!!!!!!!!!!
more ideas?

Thanks Max!

You have to install the right codecs before it will work. More details and links here: reply

hi joe can you send me your pmp transcoding software to me, thank’s reply


i think this has the transcoding tool on it tell me if i’m write cause i really need the tool.,RNWE:2005-42,RNWE:en reply



Still working on useing both FFMpeg, and Vidtoasf to create asf files for these things.

Here is the batch file I’m useing to create them in one click in a directory with both FFmpeg.exe and Vidtoasf.exe in it. Bitrate of 900 seems a bit much for the player, but the file does work.

call “C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe” -i “C:\ffmpeg\whbf.mpg” -croptop 12 -cropbottom 4 -cropleft 4 -cropright 4 -vcodec mpeg4 -s 320x240 -ar 16000 -ab 8 -ac 1 -acodec -pcm_ima_wav -aspect 4:3 -b 900000 -mbd 0 -r 23.98 -threads 1 -me_range 1023 -i_qoffset 20 -g 300 -vtag DIVX -me zero -async -y “C:\ffmpeg\vid.avi”
call “C:\ffmpeg\vidtoasf.exe” -in vid.avi -out output.asf -seekable on

You can replace the -i “C:\ffmpeg\whbf.mpg” with whatever filename you wish since FFMpeg can import almost anything, and the output file from this batchfile is output.asf. To change the bitrate, change the -b 900000 (900 in normal terms) to whatever you want, but my player can’t seem to handle much more than 900.

If you try this, let me know how it works for you. reply


hi all!

nobody know why all programs blaze, pmp transcoding are bit rate locked?

in blaze, i’ve changed bit rate in file Config_Grandtech.INI like this:


1=Default Value

1=150Kbps before 800kb

1=200kbps before 1000kb







movie is realy 150 or 200kb streaming, bat the time is not linear...

more ideas? reply


Hi just got a 512 pmp, got 2 sd cards a 1g,2g mine works O.K reply


can’t we download any s/w in my JXD661 PMP|? really hassling are the Video quality of the device when viewed with the ZOOM player on pc or direct to tv ...missing bluetooth or any software installation on the device next all being nice !!! reply


New video program, VIDEO X CONVERTER V.1
Strange program, like Blaze Video converter V.2 ???????? reply


hi kunal have you got the pmp transcoding s/w?
You can get it from reply


hi men!

i’ve 2 problems, my pmp ( product (multivision)
1) This product have 512mb internal memory, more 4gb sd card, so the space is not so much. The program PMP transcoding tool use bitrate 100-500-1000, 100 is very bad, 500 is to much..., is it possible change the values 200-300-400kbit/s bitrate? with blaze video magic v2, the value are: 800kb and 1000kb more much...
2) The section mp3 player, don’t read folders, so the mp3 files list is confused, is it possible to change the firmware?

Thanks a lot at all!!!!!
Max. reply


Do not change the firmware as the pmps are all different
and your player will be dead.
I have a 1gb/2gb sd cards did not think it could take a 4gb sd card?
Did you get some games with yours? I did.

Twilight reply


i’ve not get games, because i don’t know where i can download it.
there are 2 games pre insalled on the pmp, brickgame and snake.
did you think 4gb sd card not good for this player?

Ciao Max. reply


can anyone help me noone has answered me yet reply


Hi i think it would help if we all uploaded a picture of our pmp’s so that we can see whose got the same, since theres no way to really tell just by the name.

heres mine, its a 512,
also on the side of the case it said i could upgrade the firmware but never mentioned how. reply


Here is one example: reply


looking for a converter for my mp4 reply


Irish Nerd Club, can you send me that utility? reply


Hi you can get a converter from
i have the pmp transcoding tool that came with mine.
Can any one tell me what will happen if i format the
Is a good site for pmps help
Twilight reply


Nandflash is just another way of saying 'internal memory'. Format it and you’ll wipe whatever is on it, but it won’t do any harm besides that. reply

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