Sunplus PMP Transcoding Conversion Tool Needed!

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Hey, im really looking for the Sunplus PMP Transcoding tool. Its for my mp4 player to convert files to the files required but i dont have a copy of it. If anyone has it or something related could they please tell me where to find it.

Thanks reply

Found it! 2 days of searching, here it is for anyone in same situation:

Thats it translated! reply


Hey i read your message i was wondering if you got the sunplus pmp transcoder please email me with some info.

Hey thanks reply


Yeah the link is up there ^^ for the google page. reply


i have tried the google website and downloaded the tools but i dont know how to i cant install the software. reply


Bizarre. The software installed fine for me. Although i did only install the Sunplus tool which is the titled ASF on the folder and the codecs. I didnt install the MPEG converter tool reply


Hi there, I too dont know how to use the info i got from you, i downloaded the convertor tool, should i just download the asf tool only.
pls help as new to this.

taz reply


Yes just the ASF tool, it should be the Sunplus converter and then just install it and get converting! reply



I bought my gf’s son an MP4 play that came with an 8cm cd with software on it for 'converting' files to be played on MP4 player.

I can create an ISO image of the cd and FTP it to a server of ur choice.

However, be advised, it doesnt always work and I am still trying to find out why. Some files yes, some no. And for no apparent reason.

So reply to this thread if u would like the iso file.

George reply


hi i just got a pmppocket multimedia player abd cannot get the software to work on windows xp please help

cheers mark reply


this tool can be found with a few others

Go to the AK4 folder in the ftp site below, reply


i have a copy of it. if you mail me i will send it to you .
thanks anindyasdwati from India reply


I have a copy of the Sunplus conversion tool I can email to you.

However, anyone who has a chinesne made MP4 player. Do you find the converted video sounds awful (very distorted)?

Any ideas how to fix that? reply


well the sound would depend on the audio chip but if you encode the sound at the 48khz frequency and dont play it through that crappy little speaker in the mp4 player then it sounds pretty good reply


I have encoded the sound to be 49Khz and played back through various expensive headphones and the sound is terrible.

The sound is fine on my pc. I suspect the audio chip/software on th mp4 player.

Colin reply


Hi, just bought an mp4 player (made in China). It comes with the sunplus transcoder. But the file being generated is still a bit large.. do you guys know of any video to asf converter that produces a smaller file? =) reply


well, no, see the PMP transcoding tool is the only one that does it, it adds some sort of tag, ive trid it with micro$oft netshow encoder with the same codecs as the sunplus tool but it wont play.

Ive got a chinese mademp4 player with the branding apaq, its the sameas the JXD one on ebay, the sound is perfect once you use ok headphones reply


If the sound is perfect on your MP4 player than I suspect my player is defective.

I use the sunplus conversion software but the sound on the ASF when played on the MP4 player is always distorted (no matter what headphones or volume I set it at). reply


did it soun lik it was playing in a tin can or was it crackly, describe the distortion reply


The distortion sounds like when you play something too loud through a speaker.

It sounded like this even with the volume turned down and using good quality headphones.

I converted from an mpg and avi to asf and they both sound like that.

However the asf sounds fine when played on my laptop. Its just that the MP4 player can’t handle it...even though I’ve used their conversion software to convert to the highest quality asf. Low quality doesn’t sound any better either :) reply


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