Sony Vegas Problem with H264


I’m recording using a program called AmaRecTV. I’m using an x264 codec. Specifically this one:

I set the bitrate to 10mbps, but it comes out to 25mbps.

It gives an option for the FourCC. By default it’s set to H264, but I found that Vegas wouldn’t open files with that FourCC. I then tried all the other FourCC’s (h264, x264, X264, AVC1, avc1, VSSH). All of them worked with vegas but the files lag. For example it will say:

Frame: 643...

It also lags when I split files.

I have no problem editing FRAPS files which are atleast 10x the size.

Another thing I find weird is that there is no thumbnail for the file when I open My Videos. And when I right click and go to details it doesn`t say bitrate, frame size, or even length.

I`m thinking this is a codec issue? I don’t know though, because I’m pretty sure I installed a codec otherwise it wouldn’t work at all right? reply


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