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I have a CD of high resolution jpeg files (pictures). All of them have a watermark on them. Is there a way to use a software program or other file to remove the watermark from the files?

Thank you. reply

I am also looking for one. Did you find any yet?
Email me if so. Thanks. reply


Also looking! Obviously there is interest! Please respond. reply


You could crop it off with a simple picture editing program reply


Adobe Photoshop cs could do it no problems:) reply


there’s a reason the watermarks are on there, assholes!! reply


fuelly wrote:
there’s a reason the watermarks are on there, assholes!!

Chill !!!!

The guy only asked a question !!!!!

Yes you can remove a watermark from most jpg’s .

If the water mark is in the same place on all of your pics use Virtualdub, a free program with may logo removers, but there are other ways of doing it.
Google you question, you will find an answer in seconds

Take care reply


Image owners do not have to remove watermarks, only image thieves want to remove a watermark. Duhhhhhhhhhhhh reply


And Also how do I rob a federal bank; walk me through each step pls; ty reply


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