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Re comments wmw is not a good format,well the format saves your file space and bandwith cost,I convert all my hypnosis video clips from my sony camera 320x240 which is mpeg 4 in wmv files
You can see some examples here http://www.hypnotizedtv.co.uk/clips/index.php

I have just had this media player design for my hypnotized.tv website

I will look at the software below

Popwire’s WMV 9 Export Component reply


Hi, I need to convert a wmv to mpeg what programs can do that? reply


I have an Kodac cameria, it saves move media in QucikTime MOV (which is an mepeg4 formate) I also have adobe premire pro 7.0, which I can’t import files on my Windows XP pro laptop.

? how do I do this .... free Thanks for help.. reply


http://www.jhepple.com/convert_apple_quicktime_to_avi.htm reply


does anyone know how to fix the problem when the TPMGenc prompt 'the mov. file can not be open or unsupported'? i have downloaded the QTReader.vfp and Quicktime player but still didn’t work.. reply


(to KL)
What folder did you extract TMPGEnc to? What folder did you extract the QuickTime plugin to? Can you play the file in QuickTime at all? (it could be h.264, which only QuickTime 7 can play) reply


I created a new folder in C:Program Files and extract TMPGenc in the new folder. Quick Time plugin extract to this folder as well. Yes, i can play the files in Quick Time player and it’s version 7 already. What’s h.264? reply


Another reason one has to convert quicktime to wmv or mpeg--when making powerpoint presentations and inserting video clips, powerpoint cannot deal with quicktime format at all, at least in my experience (giving lectures where you have to bring your CD and also have to use the AV company’s equipment). Trying to run quicktime player in the background in such a setting seems to be a BAD idea. reply


I still am appaled by how much aggression there is in fourms. Just reading this one thread I’m hearing people accuse others of being stupid for using one format, attacking others for their personal prefernce, etc.

Lets look at it this way, simply because you don’t use a format or see the use for it, doesn’t mean that it is shit. Yes WMV is compressed and not the best quality for broadcast. However it does have very good uses. QT on a PC tends to be a leach that eats away at a computer. Additonaly, it doesn’t come with a standard Windows install. If you use the web to distribute videos, and stick with a mov format, you will run into a lot of trouble with people viewing it.

For a past employer, we posted all of our training videos on our Intranet site in a WMV format. Seeing as I was the producer and web programer, as well as network support, this made my life quite easy. The WMV files were small enough that I was able to have an extensive training program without eating up our servers space or the bandwith.

So sadly, what started out as a simple post looking for some assistance turned into a giant soap box for people to bitch on. Its too bad that a person has to read through post after post of crap to find out that no one actually benefited to the origional discussion.

However, here is my bit of advice to the origional post. Its been a while since I’ve used it, but Microsoft provides a free program off of their site called Windows Media Encoder. (not sure if they make a MAC version) This converts many formats to WMV and allows complete flexibility on compression settings, streaming, etc. VERY usefull tool.

To all a good day and happy converting. reply


Why is it that people resort to comparisons between Microsoft & Apple? They are two different worlds people! As far the “Player” issue is concerned, QT is no better than Windows, or vice-versa!!! Macromedia Flash Player is the BEST player available!!! reply


Download the free tool TMPGEnc tool and use it to convert quicktime to mpeg. reply


Does anyone know how to change windows movie maker files into wmv? reply


Hi people, all u need is Quicktime Pro, and a Codec of some sort... for AVI I suggest Xvid(Free) or Divx(Better, but not free)

The Serial For Quicktime Pro is at SerialArchive.com

Just search quicktime, u dont even have to download anything :).

To Register, get the Serial, then in Quicktime Click Edit, Then Preferences, and Register.

When u register Quicktime to Quicktime Pro (Both 6.0 and 7.0 serials are at SerialArchive.com) Open the MOV file and click File, Export, then u will see a couple of options, at the bottom u will see
Export: Movie to Quicktime Movie. Hit the arrow beside it and click Movie to AVI, then click options and change the Xvid/Divx Codec setting’s to wat u like. Best quality should also be selected.

I dont know if posting serials is allowed but this is Quicktime Pro 7’s

Name: -------------
Serial Number: --------------------

enjoy :) reply


And Louis, Windows Movie Maker files should automatically be wmv... Windows Movie Maker only exports to WMV if im not mistaken. What is the extension now? reply


alive video converter can do this,
http://www.alivemedia.net/videoconverter.htm reply


does any body know how to change a windows media file to a quicktime file for free? i have a tivo and when the files i have recorded with it download to my computer, they are windows media files. i want them as quicktime so i can play them on my ipod video.



NO AUDIO when Converting!

I have tmpgenc plus 2.5 and it works fantastic to 'normalize' all the weird and wonderful movie types that I have, however I have never been able to convert Quicktime Movie Files to vcd (mpg) format.

So I followed the advice posted in this post and obtained the 'qt plugin' and put it in the Program file area with the other .vfp files and now the video can play and convert but there is no audio.

I tried a few different settings but everytime I 'convert' the files ends up with no audio!

Has anyone any ideas on how to fix?

Cheers everyone! reply


Not sure if this is what u need- but check it out - hope it helps


Cheers reply


You guys have no idea of how this stuff works, do you...

You’re just a bunch of loosers!

Ah, ah, ah... reply


I’ve been looking to do the same thing for a while now, and I’d tried TMPGenc, but it kept freezing and not encoding the audio.
I found a pretty cool program just today called VLC Media player. It will not only play most video formats without the need for additional programs or codecs, but it also can transcode (convert) between formats!
http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ reply


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