Problems Involving Windows Movie Maker

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I was going to make a little music video type-thing. The likes of which you can find on Youtube. I used the program Super by ERightSoft ( to convert the video (.VOB files) to first .mpg with an MPEG II codec. The program gave me an importing error that said “The interface has too many methods to complete the procedure” or something to that effect.

Secondly I tried .avi with a DIVX codec. Said the codec wasn’t supported.

Then I tried .avi with an H.264/AVC codec. This least initially. I made the video and tried to save it. Took a very long time and stuck at 0% complete for two hours. I significantly reduced the size of the outputted file and tried again...this time leaving my computer on overnight for 12-13-ish hours. When I checked it again...0% complete. 300-something thousand minutes to go. Only...the number was increasing.

Finally I tried .mpg with an MPEG I codec. Out of all, it worked the best, but there were always freeze points in certain clips. No matter where I trimmed the clip or cut it, it would always show the first frame, and then continue for a while before actually playing the video in animated fashion. This only affected certain clips, and others not at all. I thought saving the whole thing as .wmv through Movie Maker might fix this, but it didn’t.

So now, I’m not sure what to do.

Anyone else had similar problems? Is it the converter I’m using, do I need different codecs, or what? I’m especially leaning toward doing the video in .mpg format, but I can’t find any reason for why the files of that type behave the way they do.

Any help would be appreciated. reply

I may be able to solve, er, part of your problem. I got the things to play in WMM now, I just only get the sound, though. x__x But here’s a codec pack I installed to get the AVI files into WMM in the first place:

Sorry if I couldn’t be more help. reply


I have almost the same problem i made a video from avi files and when i try to save it i get an error message saying that windows movie maker as to close the video works fine it just won’t let me save it into one file. reply


i was able fix the problem by installing Windows Media Encoder 9 Series hope this helps reply


I have exactly the same problem (regarding avi and different codecs and such)

Really don’t know which 'output' audio and video codecs to choose with avi, to import into wmm.

Would really appreciate some help reply


I can’t publish my video :( I have no idea how to fix it reply


when i try a " Trim " my clips, or split them, the screen comes up dark, but I can hear the audio...

ANY IDEAS why i can only hear it but cant see it?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeease and thankyou reply


Yeah, when I use WMM, I can’t trim the beggining of my clips, and it’s really annoying! Can anyone tell me what to do? reply


lmao reply


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