Nero Vision Express 3 won't import MPEG-2

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Hi all
Sorry if this is answered somewhere but I am pulling my hair out searching for solutions!

I have a TV card which records in MPEG 2 format. It has a conversion utility to “clean up” the recording and make it compatible with DVD playing software - indeed I can play my recordings in both Windows Media Player and PowerDVD without problems.

What I want to do is to edit the recordings (eg to remove adverts!) and compose onto a DVD. I have Nero Vision Express 3, but when I try to import the MPEG2 files, it comes up with a long error message and fails.

I think I must be missing a codec or plugin or something has got messed up. Any ideas?! I can’t believe NVE3 is this buggy so it must be my PC - how can I fix this?! Thanks in advance!!! reply

Hi, Dick for brains.
You are most utterly welcome, in advance!!
Try pissing on the powercord and clicking your heels together three times, and you just might shit out what you’re looking for, but it’s highly doubtful. reply


Helpful, thanks. reply


I had the same problem & had to reinstall windows - painful, but fixed it. Must have got my codecs muddled. Sorry can’t be more help.

Paul mall I bet your comment gave you a feeling of great satisfaction. Get a life on another forum. reply


To Paul Mall: in the unlikely event that you own a dictionary, look up the word “Moron”. Along with the description, it also shows your picture as a classic example of the species. Mr. Evans was looking for help, not abuse, and it would be helpful if in future, you would have a grown up with you whenever you are on line. reply


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