NEED HELP MAC COMP. >DAV FILES need to view copy for domestic violence case so i

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NEED HELP MAC COMP. >DAV FILES need to view copy for domestic violence case so i
I got a cd from the police station after release state evidence after my civil trial so i was left making deals under duress and now am disabled and dont have the resources to do all this. but the it contained just files


can someone please convert them for me so I can view them on my mac air newest version. I am sufering from ptsd from 8 years of abuse and corersion and I cant even leave my apartment during the day.

HES BEEN CONVICTED for Domestic violence and has previous drug charges all in nh .
I have been through hell and back so he wouldnít get away with it. WE got married and I moved to NH gave up my life career and everything I own because we had everything there, from la and ny, I had been suffering from abuse and ptsd since 2004 from him and its been documented through the state. I got stuck in NH because if I left iwould not be able or allowed to testify.
I support this man for 9 years and he will not stop because he always gets away with it. And he stole my dog too.
So i cant attach it as a image file but if someone can do it I can email it to them.
I just need someone to email the files so I can veiw them please.
Thank you . K reply

since those are exe files, the best I can suggest for you is to borrow someone’s PC

when they play the file back on their computer, either

a. record their screen with a cell phone or digital camera
make a copy of the original files to provide as evidence when you go to trial

b. have them use recording software like camstudio or camtasia, then convert it to a common format (like MPEG) so it’s playable on other computers

good luck with your trial reply


dont care about the exe files there to open a veiwer program for pc thanks for the thought reply


thanks for the thought but .dav is from urvalience camera doubt it will be usefull thatway thanks anyway reply


maybe I didn’t explain clearly

the exe files will install the viewer on a PC. exe files do not work on a mac. that’s why I suggested borrowing a PC from someone to get a recording.

if you’re computer savvy, you can try installing windows on your Mac, but you’ll need to understand how to use bootcamp, resize your partition, install drivers, and so on. you could also try installing it in a virtual machine.
this is a lot of hassle, so borrowing a PC, or using the other PC you have (assuming you have one) would be much more convenient.

in case someone else is wondering what i’m talking about... original poster made a bunch of posts, some of which are now deleted because they’re duplicates, and the list of files in them had an exe file or two along with the list of dav you see above reply


Carrot, I really appreciate your help I was trying to avoid having to do something like downloading windows I know all that, not being a brat. I was just wondering if there was someone out there that would switch the files for me and email them back to me. Thatís all I’m over it now, Iím better off posting on Mac-connect wait craigslist, and the answer to your next or someone else’s question is yes Iíve already started here so I’m using this as my venting so but if you think its not computer related you’d be mistaken by that for the jury. BTW You should never put windows on a Mac unless you have three other Macs when that one slows down and becomes obsolete. Your better off spending 200 dollars and buying a pc even just to see and you’ll never get mad at Mac again (for most people prices). Thereís a reason why this is so hard for me because there are not enough Mac support stores and apple care prices would skyrocket if us Mac user could just start putting (water in our gas tank and expect it to run) not my best analogy but I need to go rest again.... Thereís a reason why Mac stays with Mac forever might get a little prissy sometimes but when it comes down (“loading”) to it Sorry a little bitter used to be a photographer and had “lost” 3 computers printer and my camera ď But at least I have a Mac book air see the issue not enough storage on it and external drives aren’t wireless for me so I have what I have that why.

And P.S. the exe files were named as a program obviously to use as a download but for people with pc thatís is what I was explaining.

Ill go post this on a site were people actually take the time to help when they know what they are talking about, and it wont trigger me to waste my time venting when I have to go check my face book page, your supposed to laugh now. I hope someone out there appreciates the sarcasm of my post. Thank you all.

Sorry about any miscommunication but I’m sick of having to explain my self for “cyber cred." You want cred. Go create something other than a farm on Farmville thatís left to poor little stupid computer illiterate girls like me.

Actually I prefer Ravenskye, but thatís because I’m disabled and cant leave my house but for doctor appointments. Iím artist that cant create so this is not personal to anyone but one person and its not you. Its the person that stole my own self for 8 years and used is as needed and used me as the ultimate sacrifice.

P.S. I’m ADD, PTSD, MDD, Dyslexic, and PMDD (Hard core p.m.s.) and got my outlet, passion, career, livelihood, taken away in the physical sense.


if it’s not top secret, you can use a file uploading site like mediafire. zip the whole thing and upload, then post the link. i’ll see what i can do with it to make it readable on a mac.

if it’s personal, then create a means of contact (like a temporary throwaway e-mail address to thwart spam bots) reply


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