Muxing or Converting all dual audio subtitles streams MKV to MP4 for PS3 360

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Ok, where to start? I think effort to increase efficiency.

So, not to brag, but I have tons of (think thousands) of videos most of them encoded as MKV’s. Of these 100% have subtitles (often 2 up to 3 different ones sometimes) 99% of which have dual-audio with 40%-50% of them in 5.1 audio or higher (hence why the MKV container) and they play fine on my PC (and yes I CAN play them on my TV through the PC) but I want to play them as MP4s on my PS3!

I know what you’re thinking: mkv2vob, handbrake, GOTsent, MP4box, PS3Video 9, yada yada I’ve tried about 37 different applications on Windows (have NO access to mac but have yet to bother trying with linux) but not ONE SINGLE app does exactly what I want/need and the only way it’s worked is literally running 7 different applications and processes to demux everything, each taking too long due to transcoding (which I’m avoiding) and then muxing back together, leaving me often with a file 1.5 times larger than the original with often less than similar quality... and I’m supposed to do this PER FILE? NO. There’s gotta' be a better way!

I want to keep:
-Original video quality (so no transcoding)
-All or as many audio channels/audio file
-All or ATLEAST ONE of the internal subtitles

All of this in an .MP4 container my PS3 can play for me!

I KNOW it’s possible! yes: the coding between containers IS different, but: not the streams or content (often)... that’s what muxing is all about, right?

So what I’m asking is...

Has ANYONE encountered this?
How did you over come it?
Do you have any programs to suggest? (At this point I don’t care how much it costs!!!)
Any ideas or places I can find more information?

I apologize for the length of this article and want to thank anyone for their time in either reading or responding!

DJ reply

yes i have...
Jealous? reply


Use Xmedia Recode it will do everything for you reply


Subtitles muxed(or copied from the source file that is to be converted) with Xmedia Recode do not display correctly on PS3/ Sony Blu Ray players and also directly on LG LCDs via usb. They show up only on the PC and every text is stuck on the screen until the next dialogue even if it’s after more than two minutes which is quite annoying. reply


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