mpeg2 freezes

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hey guys, noob here. I am new here, but not really to movie making, but this problem I am having has me freakin' out and i hope someone here may be able to shed some light on this .....
I run winXP. I recently installed a new nvidia vid card. the card was working OK til i tried to use my pinnacle version 8 editing software. it freezes up after it compresses 505-550mb of mpeg2 movie. I removed the card and returned it to the store feeling very positive that that was my problem. even after removing it, pinnacle still freezes up, so i did a complete OS re-install. PINNACLE STILL FREEZES UP!!!! I am losing my mind here. pinnacle was working fine til after i put in the new vid card. but after the re-install it should be working. I don’t know where else to go for help. this is such an odd problem i doubt the normal “computer guy” would know what to do. reply

First you don’t say much about your computer CPU speed and RAM.Studio 10.2 Beta is out so your Pinnacle is very old.Besides this the software is very complex and uses a lot of memory.1 GB RAM is good to have and if you read the user’s manual from Pinnacle the software requests at least 1.2 Ghz speed. Also a big memory for a video card is better to have 256 MB or more but here we talk budget and you know better if you can afford it. I use Pinnacle only for my family video clips to organize my collection but for watching movies a video converter works faster and my choice is the new VSO ConvertX to DVD.My advice is look for a newer Studio and if you want quality buy a good videocard( Ati or nVidia).To have an idea I give you the specs of my computer: WinXP Media Centre 3.9 Ghz 1 GB RAM 320 GB hard drive 5.1 sound nVidia video card 256 MB memory.Good Luck reply


sorry, wasn’t sure what u might need to know, i have a pentium4, 1.8 processor speed, 640mb of ram. I actually have access to pinnacle version9.4 and had it installed when the problem 1st occured, i only used my version8 to try it after i re-installed windows. the vid card i tried to use was an nvidia 128mb. I have been using pinnacle version 8&9 for the past few years w/no trouble of this sort and have made no other changes. reply

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