.mov to .wmv for free?

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about me being stupid, so don’t move it to a different section because i want it in off topic -_-
so anyways i need soemthing that converts mi files from .mov to .wmv and it can’t cost anything or there should be some way to erh get it for free...lol reply

Also, IT GOT MOVEDED reply

You didn’t state what platform you were on, but I’ll just assume you’re on Windows XP.

I don’t think there is a way to do conversion in one step unless you’re using a commercial product. (The reason is .mov and .wmv are proprietary formats, and being competitors, neither likes to work with the other.) (see note at the very end if you’re uber-lazy though)
Here are some steps. If you use 1a or 1b, you should probably have QuickTime (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download) installed (not QuickTime Alternative). Before you start you may want to note the frame rate and resolution of your video by opening it in QuickTime and pressing ctrl-I.
1a. You can try the AVI route. Grab RAD Video Tools from here and install it. Open RAD Tools, navigate to find your file, and select it, then pick 'Convert a file'. Click on output type and choose avi. When you click convert it’ll let you choose what codec to convert it to. The default is uncompressed (which can be humongous). I recommend you pick a lossless codec, or if you pick a lossy codec, that you click the configure box and adjust the settings to maximize quality (every time you do a conversion with a lossy codec, some quality is lost... you want to minimize that if you can). RAD Works in 95% of cases.
1b. You can try the MPEG-1 route. Grab TMPGEnc from here (at the download link, after you pick your language, look for the download button at the top of the page) and the plugin that allows TMPGEnc to read .mov files here. Unzip both to the same folder. Run TMPGEnc, and skip the wizard. Drag your mov file onto where it says Video Source (it should likely feed the audio source at the same time into there). Then click settings and adjust the settings to your liking (I recommend MPEG-1, Constant Quality 100, frame rate same as your original mov, Motion Search Precision of highest Quality). Note the size has to have multiples of 16 (a restriction of the MPEG format). If your .mov is a weird resolution, just overshoot a little, and under the advanced tab, under video arrange method, pick center keep aspect ratio (you can crop it later with wme). When you’re done with your adjustments, go to the top and click start.
2. Whatever you got in step 1a or 1b, you can feed into Windows Media Encoder (download link here) or Movie Maker. Movie Maker is easier to use, but doesn’t allow much control. If you use Windows Media Encoder, on the wizard choose convert a file, select your intermediate file, click next a few times - on the last box UNCHECK 'Begin converting when I click Finish', then click finish. (I’m making these steps because the default templates are CRAP.) Click on properties, and click on the compression tab. Click Edit, and click new. type a name (gibberish is fine), then pick audio and video codecs. (I’d pick WMV 9 - it’s probably better than 7 or 8, but feel free to experiment). Pick Quality VBR for mode! That’s the best choice. Then click on the quality-based tab (if it’s there) or click add otherwise. On the new tab check the box 'same as video input', type in the same frame rate as your original mov, and pick a high quality (88% or higher). Keyframe interval: if the number is big, it’s harder to seek (jump from one point to another in the movie), but if it’s too small, the file size can get big. depends on how long your original video is too. pick an audio format. click ok. click apply (very important). then click start encoding.

I should append - you could attempt to convert from mov to wmv in one step, if you’re feeling lazy - and very lucky! (Read these steps till the end before you try it.)
First thing to do would be to grab QuickTime Alternative (linked here) and install it. A little background: as you may know mov is a proprietary format (like wmv or rm), and there aren’t really any supported players outside Apple’s own “official” QuickTime player. Some people didn’t like that so they created QuickTime Alternative, which basically bundles Apple’s codecs with a filter that allows mov files to be played in DirectShow players (such as Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player). Since the filter is written from scratch out of the woodworks, it’s unsupported and is likely to contain a few bugs. Most notably in my testing, I’ve found some .mov .mp4 and .3gp files unplayable (in WMP), particularly ones with the H.263, MP4V, Indeo 3, and Indeo 5 codecs. The problem seems to only have cropped up when QuickTime 7 came out. Hopefully they’ll find a workaround. I can’t vouch the bug exists on all systems (I’ve only tested it on mine). In any case, if you’re lucky, and you can play all QuickTime files (or at least the ones you want converted) without any problems in WMP, you can most likely feed them directly into Windows Media Encoder or Movie Maker and convert straight to wmv without the need for an intermediate conversion. reply


How to get the MOD. to WMV. Through command prompt???? reply


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For me MelodyCan is the best software for different players. It can remove drm and convert files to different formats. You can try it_))
http://media-convert.com reply


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