.mov files - can play audio but there's no picture Quicktime 7 pro (windows)

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Bradley’s advice rocks. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much. reply



Trying to run .mov files...

I have the AppleHDVCodec.component copied from my mac to Windows XP laptop, but where do I drop this file into to make the video picture work?

The sound works but not video in itunes quickplayer and windows media player reply


I found a solution that worked really well for me! I opened my .mov QuickTime movie that I created in FCP7 in QuickTime Pro on my Mac. I then clicked Save As, which brings up a window. The 3rd selection bar in that window is for Format. The default is Movie, I selected Computer, then pressed save. This action saved the file as a MP4. With fingers crossed I dropped the file on my thumbdrive and opened on my PC...it opened right up in Windows Media Player. No loss of quality, and best of all...BOTH my video and audio played! reply


One small correction, the file produced by saving for Computer in QT Pro is .m4v not .mp4.....either way it worked!
I hope this helps others, I spend about four hours on this problem. reply


Hey guys I know that this post is old but some help would be appreciated.
I have this problem...
I have this mov files in my pc, I was playing the with now problem but since today I cannot play the, actually the sound is perfect but when I ply the in VLC the frames are skipping like crazy, Ive tried to rename them, install K Lite codecs but the problem is still here.
I wonder why is this happening because I didnt modify them in any way.
Pls help :-) reply


i converted .avi files to .mov and i get audio but no video on quicktimes... i’m trying to do a home video on imovie...any suggestions? reply


I worked. so glad someone was willing to put this up.. After 3 hours of failure. bam this took one call to a buddy!

Bradley wrote:
I realize this posting is old, but if you are like me and are looking for a solution to playing HDV encoded files via Quicktime, and you stumble across this posting I have information for you.

Yes, it is true that the HDV codec, and others, only come with FCP. However, if you know someone that has FCP, the codec is is only one file and can be easily copied over without having to install the entire FCP application on your machine.

The codecs are located on your Mac in the /Library/Quicktime folder. The HDV codec is called 'AppleHDVCodec.component'. If you can find someone that has it (or I’m sure it is floating around the internet somewhere) you just need to drop it into that folder and your HDV encoded files that once only played audio will play just fine.

After figuring this out today, we tested it on a Mac without FCP and it worked like a champ.

Hope this helps someone!



Yay downloade VLC and problem solved!!! Thanks WOO HOO reply


So glad I found this thread! Mac Leopard user here, cannot see picture on my .MOV files. Called Apple, couldn’t help, downloaded VLC Media Player, works great! Thank you! reply


In reply to anonymous, this worked for me. THANK YOU!!

“I thought it may have been a codec problem, but maybe itís not. Letís try something else.
Go to edit/preferences/quicktime preferences. There should be video settings somewhere. Set it to safe mode and see if anything changes." reply


Use handbrake. It’s a free encoding software. Itt will convert tons of file types including .mov into whatever mac or windows format you want. It worked with all the .mov files that wouldn’t play video and after the encode to .mp4 for my ipdo video worke perfect. reply


Handbrake does the perfect job!! Finally i can see those mov files on my mac. Thanks a lot for that!

This is the only thing that worked, because even with VLC it didn’t worked, VLC kept crashing when opening the file..

Handbrake is nice, easy and even a little funny with that cocktail thing. reply


i can see the video but i can´t hear the sound.. it´s a .mov video and i´m trying to open it with quicktime player reply


Handbrake is awesome! it worked for .mov and .mp4 videos taht had audio and no picture and pic and no audio.

Thanks so much! reply


Problem solved! Easiest Way as below:
Edit->Preference->Quicktime Preference->
1. Audio Tab (Select Safe Mode(Waveout Only)under Play Audio Using->
2. Advance Tab (Select Safe Mode (GDI Only)under Video reply


I didn’t completely read through this string but here is the only thing I found that worked.


I’m on Windows XP, a friend gave me a couple .mov clips to watch, I could hear sound but no video, only black. I downloaded VLC, NeroDigital, and DivX - none of which worked until I ran this little find/replace program.

Good luck... reply


Here’s something that worked for me:

If you are running Final Cut Express / Final Cut Pro, drag the file onto the timeline and it will play.


If you want to Preview the file on a mac, or play it in Quicktime, exit Final Cut Express / Final Cut Pro.

I found out the files would only play outside of Final Cut when I had closed the program. Try closing your other programs that could be using the HDV codec before you start panicking. :) reply


downgrading to version 7.6 worked for me as well:

http://support.apple.com/downloads/QuickTime_7_6_for_Windows reply


Thlillyr wrote:
Use handbrake. It’s a free encoding software. Itt will convert tons of file types including .mov into whatever mac or windows format you want. It worked with all the .mov files that wouldn’t play video and after the encode to .mp4 for my ipdo video worke perfect.

HANDBRAKE rocks! It worked! reply


Export it out of final cut with a codec other than HDV.
See Quicktime 7 has a pro versin which is great, it lets you do all this amazing stuff, reformat, export as WMV but it won’t play HDV files. Quicktime 10 plays HDV but it does’t have a pro version yet.

If you are exporting out of AVID or FCP just change the settings to Apple Pro Res (HQ) with 1920x1080 dimensions. It will play on final cut 7 and 10. H.264 files will also play.

it sucks, but it’s where technology just doesn’t move as fast. reply


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