.mov files - can play audio but there's no picture Quicktime 7 pro (windows)

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Kier - you are 100% wrong. I am typing this on a brand new OS X 10.4.11 install I just completed 15 minutes ago. Fully patched. All updates.

G4/467, 896mb RAM. QUicktime 7.3 - plays audio but no video. Been trying all of the trailers on Apple’s website, same issue.

Will have to investigate further. reply


Hello there,

The same problem. Got Apple-encoded Quicktime-Files on my Windows-PC.
Quicktime-Player recognizes the video format as “HDV 1080i50”. I can hear sound, but no picture.

If anyone out there knows, how to solve this problem, please answer! reply


HDV is a new high definition video format. It is native to Final Cut Pro (5.1) FCP seems to be the only way to view video/audio and transcode it into something else.
Stephen reply


Here’s what the folks at Apple have to say on the matter.

“The most common reason this happens is because your computer is missing the necessary video decompressor (the “dec” part of a codec). A movie file that uses a codec that is not part of QuickTime, for example, would cause this symptom. In many cases QuickTime won’t be able to decompress the video, but can decompress the sound because the right sound codec is installed.

The solution is to find out which codec the movie file uses, then install it on your Mac (if a Mac OS version of the codec exists). If you can’t find a codec to install, a third-party player application may include a codec that only it can use. Try a third-party player to see if it can play the movie."

The link to the Support is here:

http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=30400 reply

For those who are getting audio, but no video when playing QT files, try this...

In QT, go to the EDIT menu PREFERENCES> PLAYER PREFERENCES. Uncheck “Use high quality video setting when available”.

This fixed my problem. reply

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does anyone know wat this problem is.i play a dvd with many different softwares like vlc media player, real player,windows media player but there is only sound no picture. reply


solution - I had tried all the above and finally tried using “Nero Show Time” that comes with Nero software and it was good.

Good luck.
-Prasad reply


I have an hp laptop and I download movies through limewire and I try to put it into itunes. When I do that It goes straight as quicktime player and it plays only audio, and it doesn’t show the movie. how can I fix this problem reply


I am having the same issues. Audio, but no video. That is hard to believe that Apple would offer money back instead of fix an issue. For months now I have had the same issues and no one can figure it out. Apple doesn’t even have any type of answers to the issue for just the player itself. Very weird. Even their videos on their website won’t play. They need to get with it. reply


I use VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) that works fine for me in Windows XP reply


I made my .mov video in Final Cut Pro and the video wont play on my PC using QuickTime, just the audio like all the rest of you. wtf?! i went back to my friends house where i put it back on the mac that i made it on and it will play on his quicktime! i have the same updated software, why doesn’t it work on my comp!? reply


Make your .mov self-contained on the save box. It is referencing your render files from you computer and only writing the audio... reply


This post will solve your problem:

http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=5483 reply

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VCL media player !!!!!!!!!!! reply


easiest way to do it...use vlc to convert it...heres a video that shows you how http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYUpQYakbjM reply


I am a mac user, just purchased a pc and was having problems watching quicktime files created from fcp (only audio, no video) Downloaded vlc and now everything is perfect.

Thanks for the feedback guys reply



So my coach just copied over a bunch of gametape from our last season of basketball that we won CCS Championship. However, he when I click on it, quicktime pro pulls up a black screen and I hear the audio but see no picture, can you help please? reply


i went into preferences, checked the box for use high quality settings when available, and now all my videos work again reply


I am having the same issues, I was doing my kids online school until it asked me to upgrade to 7 and now only sound. I need a solution really quick too. reply


I solved sound with no video problem by removing QuickTime 7.6.4 from my XP system and downloaded QuickTime 7.6. reply


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