.mov files - can play audio but there's no picture Quicktime 7 pro (windows)

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Quicktime 7 / HDV footage - .mov files
Hey - I’m trying to play some high res HDV files (Quicktime movie .mov files) on the Windows version of Quicktime 7 pro and I get sound but no picture just a blank screen while the audio plays... Please help!
Kara reply

Open your file in quicktime pro, go to movie, then get movie properties. On the left drop-down menu pick video track and on the right one pick format. What does it say on the data format line? reply

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Hi - thanks for getting back to me. Much appreciated. There were loads of files (they are the rushes from a film) and I chose one at random (for all the clips it’s the same problem -sound plays but not picture).

For video track, it said:
data size: 7.85 Mb
data rate: 35.07 mbits/sec
format: HDV 1080i50
Channel: N/A (it said n/a which might explain why the picture isn’t playing?! but how can I get a channel to apply to it)

For sound track, it said:
data size: 352.50 KB
data rate: 1.5 mbits/sec
format: Integer (Big En...)
Channel: 2.0 (mono mono)

look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kara reply


I thought it may have been a codec problem, but maybe it’s not. Let’s try something else.
Go to edit/preferences/quicktime preferences. There should be video settings somewhere. Set it to safe mode and see if anything changes. reply


Hi - thanks for that. I just put the video settings in safe mode but I still can’t see picture.

Also, when I first start up quicktime and try to open one of the .mov files from the film rushes, a box comes up saying that a component file of Quicktime is missing and then I press continue and I come to an apple page with a load of third party programmes (codecs?).

Look forward to hearing from you.
take care
Kara reply


Hi Kara!
I am having the exact same problem here too! Were you able to work it out in the meantime? Please let me know...

Robin reply


Hey Robin - I got in touch with Apple and they said HDV was not supported by Quicktime. I spoke to a level 2 in Apple tech support. He was so certain about this that they offered me my money back (for Quicktime 7 pro)!
Best of luck with your film project.
all the best
Kara reply


I don’t know if U R talking about High Definition Video Files (HDV)or Hyper Digital Video..but U can try this player.
Alambik McPlayer 1.53: Enables you to play Hyper Digital Videos (".HDV” files) and Alamgrams (".ALG” files) as well as ".MPEG”, ".AVI”, ".WMV”, ".ASF” " and ".OGG”. The Alambik McPlayer is set up with control buttons which allow you to interact on these linear productions (play, pause, stop, forward, rewind, skip to the desired track, etc.)
Just google 4 Alambik McPlayer 1.53 reply

Have you guys heard of this program called HDVxDV? It seems to be quite a good solution to transfer the HDV (highdefvideo) into quicktime files. reply


I have the total opposite problem, when i export a video to the iPod form, it exports the video but no sound. When i clicked on options to changed the audio to ACC, i was unable to click on the audio option. Please reply with help. reply


you can play the files, if you rename them .mpg, instead of .mov. then windows media player, and after effects can play them, haven’t tested anything else. maybe if you have MPG2 quicktime codec, Quicktime can play them as well, but that costs extra,a nd I haven’t tried it...well, good luck,

peter reply


I put a movie on my ipod video and there is only sound no picture...i dont know if its as simple as clicking a button or something more complicated...email me plz reply


Same problem. Tried with QuickTime MPEG2 component and doesn’t work. Though I was skeptical, I also tried renaming the file and it won’t play in WMP11 nor import into Adobe PPro2. We’re out of luck here until Apple decides to support HDV in QuickTime for Windows. reply


I am able to play a particular .mov with quick time in one computer but unable to play the same in another computer reply


I can play .mov files inside a flash presentation, but when I try to play this files out of the presentation, only playback sound (Quicktime Pro).

Does anyone know what´s this about?

Thank you. reply


I have the same problem as well. All my .mov videos doesnt seem to play video but I hear the audio. Its very strange because months back the quicktime player is working well. i hope someone can help with this problem. reply


I tried playing the video within mozilla and it worked. the video and audio played. however the video does not play within quicktime player itself. what gives? reply


Roland zaldivar wrote:
I tried playing the video within mozilla and it worked. the video and audio played. however the video does not play within quicktime player itself. what gives?

Using Darwin Streaming Server In Internet Explorer the video and audio are working fine. But in mozilla i am unable to see the video and audio. Please provide some help. reply


Problems everywhere...suddenly cannot play my .mov files. Can only hear -- no picture.

Need solution asap...anyone? reply


Hi there you need to get Final Cut Pro to get the codecs then they will play.

Keir reply


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