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Gaijin in japan. Still cannot get the DV to work. If ok with you lets discuss offline. Probably a small issue I am overlooking.

My email adress is reply



hey guys. i read all of your discussion. i post once before here about the censored remover in China. i believe the machine works, that’s why the gov. close that tech company down. anyway to all of FAN of the DV9900 thingie. i got one from EBAY for $125. this is all bull shit. it doesn’t fuckin work. i brought it, wait for it, and looking forward day by day to get it. and is doesn’t work, piss of off. one of the previous reviewer was right on the spot. i have the same problem. got the dv9900, i open it, connect dvd cable to the box and connect from the box to TV. pop in the DVD japan censored prono, (sally yoshino) played, there’s a few switch, and a joystick. i try different ways, and the result is. You got a video (image) with a square box with adjustable size of the box and you can move to the censored area and play with the switch to uncensored. switch to blind, to whitely,etc IT’S JUST MAKE THE VIDEO WORST. i rather watch the censored movie then using the dv9900 box. waste my 2hrs of trying to get it work. i trying again, a couple of days later on several different movie and no luck. it might work on VHS, but i won’t depend on it. for now, when i watch censored prono on my laptop, i will sit back 8' and see it like uncensored. this is the best way for now or keep waiting for the uncensored one. as far as i know it Sally Yoshino,maria ozawa, Jun, maiko, and a couple of other av idol have uncensored one. good luck i will be back soon for news reply


again i just found this: this seen hard to do. i try it before but you guys should try it if you have the time:



Video Enhancer
SuperResolution plugin
VirtualDub Filter Pack

VirtualDub Filters

Video codecs




How to remove mosaic from video?
Video is called mosaiced when some part of image (or whole image) is represented in big squares where all pixels within one square have the same color. This is an example of mosaic in video:

Same effect is also called pixellation.

I am often asked how to remove mosaic from videos using Video Enhancer. Frequently people ask what filter to use to remove mosaic. Most of these people are Chinese lovers of adult content which they often have with most interesting parts pixellated. ;) Some sites and forums even advertise Video Enhancer as a tool for removing mosaic. I think they are mislead by pictures from Video Enhancer’s main page, where we see low resolution video frame enlarged 4 times, so it looks like it’s a big mosaiced frame. That’s not the case actually, it’s just zoomed small picture.

In general, Video Enhancer is not for removing mosaic and there are no filters capable of doing it. There is a way to improve mosaiced parts, but this will also degrade heavily quality of unmosaiced part of image. This is what one should do if he or she wants to get rid of mosaic in video:

Get VirtualDub and Video Enhancer.
Open your video in VirtualDub, zoom in your video and measure the size of squares in mosaiced part. Let’s call this number N. In example above each square is 4x4 pixels, so N=4.
Apply resize filter, make new size N times smaller (so 360x288 video from example would become 90x72) and choose bilinear method.
Choose a lossless codec (like Huffyuv, Lagarith or MSU Lossless Codec) and save your video in AVI file. You’ll have a small video with no squares in it:

Open it in Video Enhancer, go to Advanced mode and add SR (Super Resolution) filter several times, each time doubling the size of video, each time in high quality mode. If N=4 you need 2 SR filters, if N=8 you need 3 SRs and so on.
After you made this chain of SRs, choose output compression for video and optionally for audio and press Start.
If you successfully performed all steps and you’re lucky enough, you’ll get your video with the same dimensions as original mosaiced video, but processed with Super Resolution. You’ll lose details of unmosaiced parts, but in many cases increase quality of mosaiced part. Here is an example of what you’ll have:

One may ask: why downsize video in VirtualDub if Video Enhancer also can downsize video (just set small size in SR filter)? The answer is if you downsize video in Video Enhancer it uses Lanczos3 method which makes a sharper image. This image is harder for super-resolution to restore, you’ll get more reply


Gawd !!!!
Would you credit some people with a brain.

FrightfoO...... Digital is a code of pixels and not a VHS fixed image, the mosaic can be removed and you have been told how to do it.

For those hard of hearing (er....reading)
1) Use Virtualdub to breakdown the movie into jpg’s
2) Use cppopup to identify the mosaic code
3) use fMask to unscramble (in batch mode) the mosaic
4) Use virtualdub to restore the jpg’s (best in XVid mode)
and there you have it.
Hope you don’t have a “fat” file system cause if you have, the 100’s of thousands of jpg’s used in the make up of a movie will exceed 4G and “FAT” won’t accept that !!!

Have fun reply



After looking through the thread, I got an experience to share about this DV-9900DX. Like 3 months ago, I bought it from ebay with luck of $24. Waiting...and 2 weeks then got it~! Then trying to work on few of own burnt copy censored JAV DVD. Twitching with the censored parts and got the video become blur out abit. The censored was still dull.

Just on 16 or 17 Aug '08, 2 of my Jap frens came in for help. They have never try the stuff before. After having them to read the instruction, they did some configure on the joystick over censored parts and voila works for real. LOL turn out, I missed out a part, where u have to put into DVD-pan scan mode after uncensoring selected parts. So that it will look as new as DVD quality.
Plus u have to place the uncensored as “pasted” on the frame. So that it won’t leave out any thin border of the
mosaic part (which revealing uncensored parts.)
Hopefully this helps u all. reply


Why does nobody ever post examples of the thing working? You get a few people saying they got it to work like a charm but never provide any evidence. Why not post the results somewhere? Otherwise, it sounds like people are just making it up. reply


I have bought a DV-9900DX myself. I was never able to make this thing work. Totally worthless. I did spend some time playing with the joysticks and selectors and I do read Japanese so I could read the instructions. But there was absolutely no indication that whatever I did would make the mosaics go. I tried on several DVDs with the same result.

I suspect people who claim they can make it work do that to sell them on eBay. If I am wrong and you have a DV-9900DX that actually works, add to this forum the instructions how you got that done and captures of your screen.

For you guys wondering whether they should get a DV-9900DX, I’d say NO. (Unless again somebody really explains how that works and take shots or video of the machine working).

The process that prono king explained kinda works, even though the final video is blurry. Could be better, but I guess it is better than nothing. reply



Fcuk, can you give more details about your “magnifying glass” technique? What tool did you use (Virtual Magnifying Glass? / OS specific tool?? Did that work on still image or on a video? reply


Visiting Tokyo for the 2nd time, and I saw the Olympia DV-9900 and other more expensive versions. What really surprised me was to see no name versions with photo copied graphics on their boxes. I have no idea if it works or not, but if it did not why would their be a market for knock off versions?

Attached to one of the shelves was a magazine that had different gadgets on each page. It had specs, wiring diagrams, and looked like a Japanese version of Consumer Reports. The Olympia DV-9900 and at least one other version were reviewed. I cannot speak or read Japanese, but specs and wiring diagrams are obvious.

This specific shop was next to Akihabara JR station. Tried to get my tour guide leader to explain the magazine to me. She seemed embarassed and said the merchandise in the shop is used for “dishonest purposes”. There was a lot of DVD duplicators, pinhole cameras, wireless video transmitters, etc.

Sorry I do not have any real input, but it is still for sale in Tokyo. The Olympia 9900 was about $49 and the other versions were $79. The no name versions had no price, and I could not understand the shop worker. reply


My mate just brought a Olympia 9900 from a holiday in Osaka. He said they seemed to be in good stock. It works. He was concerned because of UK’s 220 voltage, but a transformer was used. A Japanese co-worker translated the simple instruction book. He says it should be called a video filter.

He will be filtering my collection for a small fee per DVD. reply


there are actual boxes that you buy and hook up but i cant find software either. The boxes were made for Jap Av movies that were censored but they are also expensive. reply


Hi All, Read the latest threads. Here is my 10 yen’s worth.
Having purchased an updated version the DV-700, I had the instructions translated as below. Uncencore King claims a reconfig of the joy stick is required. How? BBC Boy also claims it works. I am still on the side of porno king who also cannot get it to work. The manual talks about various
“Video Soft Makers”. No idea what they are nor cannot find any of the names in Google without throwing up a lot of noise from other products with similar names. Anyway here is the translation included in the box, I cannot paste the image of the translated diagram into this message board unless someone has an idea how to do it.

Anyone out there who can convince me it works, let me know how because I also believe it does not work.

DUAL SpecialDV-007s Userâs Manual

Thank you for purchasing the DUAL SpecialDV-007s VDO converter. This DV-007s model has a stable display function and Mosaic editing function which cannot be found in other models. Stable display function is a DVD recording for sharp, beautiful, and long-lasting pictures, especially for converting VDO tape to DVD. Mosaic editing functions, blue reversals, or even better ranges, can be regenerated.

* Stable Display Function Procedure
- Connect to Regeneration, Record, TV, etc., according to provided circuit chart, and then turn the switch to ON and a green light will be lit.
- Move the switch position to âStable Displayâ and a blue light will be lit.
- Press Regenerate button, check if there is a picture projected on TV, then press the Record button.

* A circuit chart can be seen at the back of the box.

* Mosaic Management Function Procedure
Connecting Procedure
Provided equipment are (1) an adapter, (2) RCA Pin Cable, and (3) Userâs Manual

1. In case that VDO and TV are already connected, unplug (1) from TV In-put socket and plug into IN of the converter.
2. Connect Pin cord (2) to OUT at the converter and In-put of TV (where unplugged (1)
3. Connect an adapter (3) to DC 12 V of the converter and plug into Outlet.

- Use provided adapter only.
- For safety, unplug the adapter when not in use.
- Avoid risky usage.

Operation Procedure
1. ON Power Switch (5)
2. Adjust VIDEO/DVD Switch to DVD (8). If you wish to playback a VDO Tape, adjust to VIDEO, and for DVD playback, adjust to DVD.
3. For Mosaic/Reverse function, it depends on the type of the tape displayed.
4. Use a Spot Screen Brightness Adjusting Knob to adjust cursor brightness on TV5.
5. Adjust the edges that are overlapping Mosaic/Reverse as much as you can.
- Adjust the edge sizes by turning the Spot Screen Knob (10) to left and right.
- Use the Spot Screen Position Knob (9) joystick to adjust the vertical alignment of the edges.
* The machine not only includes functions of former models, but it is also compatible with Blue Turn tape.
* When using a Blue Turn tape, adjust Mosaic Reverse Switch (6) to TURN, and Cursor Color Switch to BLUETURN.

Error Management
1. No picture shown
Connection may be incorrect; try to reconnect.
2. No spot screen edges shown
VDO can be seen in both channels even without an antenna connected to TV and VDO Deck. However, the machine will not operate if the TV/VDO mode is not switched to VDO.
3. Mosaic can be clearly seen in the middle of Spot Screen Edges, or there are too many horizontal lines which block the vision.
Turn adjusting the switch to Mosaic (6) and then return to former position. If the picture is normal, it is assumed that the video displayed is dubbed or cannot operate with the converter.
The machine cannot be operated without an AV Terminal (Monitor TV).

1. If the video was edited, the graphic shown will not be exactly the same as before (Mosaic elimination rate at 70-80%). However, when connected with the machine, the graphic will be clearly seen.
2. VDO Soft Makers that will perfectly operate with the machine include:
Diamond picture, Picman, Hadaka no Osama, Crystal, Messiah, Elzar, Super Crystal, Eve, Bazuka, Pierce, Seifuku Yado, etc. There are many types of soft makers so please check other models.
3. Reverse function can operate will all items mentioned above.
4. Points on TV Screen can be clearly seen when it is up.
5. Mosaic elimination can be performed according to type of Mosaic. If it is an unstable type, it can be completely eliminated. However, if it is a stable type, such elimination will be less effective.
6. Noise distraction in cursor is caused from Mosaic elimination; it is not a problem with the machine reply


Could anyone please give me a working link to fmask and CPPopup. Thank you for your help! reply


hm..... its that realy hard too find decensored for video file they not sell that type of program did they. any freeware for decensored video post it here ill read tnx reply


My step mom gave me an up-conversion DVD player for Christmas. I can see the differnce from my regular DVD player. My point is could the DV9900 do for mosaics what up-converting does to a regular DVD? From the outside, the DVD and up-conversion DVD players look a like.

Yes, the up-conversion DVD player is not as nice, but I have a large collection of regular DVDs.

My co-worker said that shops in Chinatown (San Francisco) are selling things that claim to remove mosaics. If you have ever been there you will know that they sell anything and everything so I look foward to checking it out. reply


Anybody got one to sell? Have not seen one on EBay for a few months. reply


Leave it to a bunch of pervs to get together and not even be able to find a solution when there is one. Dozens of people replied and no one had a definite solution. You can add me to the list of assholes. reply


Can anyone post a video tut? Probably on certain video showing mosaic, don’t have to be porn. At least, convince us it works. reply


lol u guys know y this is so suspicious?
i tell u y
yakuza guys run the business so they get lots of profit reply


It is because of high-density population。
In foreign countries、 it is thought that it is easier to control who has these things available。
Here、 it is impossible to tell who may get a hold of these types of materials, so unless you purchase from high-end retailers, the censor will be there。

I’m going into the film business and this is one of the reasons。

;D reply


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