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I have multiple M2V files I would like to convert into DVD-ready VOB format with IfoEdit. IfoEdit can only use one m2v to make the dvd, so I believe I need to merge all the m2v files into a single m2v. How do I do this?

Furthermore, I will need to do the same with each m2v’s corresponding ac3 (the files were originally mpg-2, but I demultiplexed them). How can I do this and ensure the right sound corresponds with the right video with no delays? reply

I don’t have IfoEdit so I don’t know its capabilities. However if you follow these steps, and things work, I don’t think IfoEdit will have any trouble reading the result.
Get TMPGEnc (it’s freeware) from (click on downloads at the top after you select your language). Open TMPGEnc, skip the wizard. Click on File, MPEG Tools.
If you want to merge several files together, go to the merge & cut tab. I think for type you can pick MPEG-2 (Program). Then click add to add parts. If you want to split or cut any of the parts, select it and pick edit. Finally pick an output name and click run.
Note: I’m not sure how TMPGEnc handles things, but I do believe you need the input parts to have similar structure. I mean like same dimensions, frame rate, GOP structure etc. That’s not a problem if all the files came from a similar source (for example the same digital camera, or output from video editing program with identical settings), but it might not work if the files' structures are different.
For multiplexing audio with video, you can use the multiplex tab in MPEG Tools (with same settings, MPEG-2 (Program)). What I don’t know if it’ll let you multiplex any kind of audio (AC3 for example).
If multiplexing with AC3 doesn’t work, what you can do is convert the AC3 audio to MPEG audio. Just go to the main menu, pick your audio source, and pick ES (Audio only) (ES=elementary stream). Then click settings to adjust the settings to your liking. Then pick an output name and click run.
I’m guessing you do have the AC3 filter installed on your system. If TMPGEnc can’t read your AC3 file, you may have to alter the environmental settings. Go to options, environmental settings, then select the VFAPI plug-in tab. There should be something for AC3 there. Just right click it and increase the priority. If there’s nothing that looks AC3-like, you may have to look for an AC3 plugin for TMPGEnc. Google may be of help then. (A third, longer way is to convert the AC3 to wav with another program, then the wav to MPEG audio in TMPGEnc, then multiplex)
BTW feel free to experiment with IfoEdit to see if it has any of these capabilities. I’m just mentioning TMPGEnc because it’s freeware and I’m familiar with it. reply


I try several programs to merge M2V files with not grate succes.All hthe programs that had tried reduce the video quality very much and its not seen like HD movie at all .
There any good program that you know that keep the video qualty as is ? reply


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